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Gingrich on FOX: McCarthy alive in Senate Democrat Caucus - and he means Schumer

Reported by Chrish - January 11, 2006

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was one of four pro-Alito anti-Democratic guests during the twenty minute break in Senate confirmation hearings today 1/11/06 on The Big Story. Here's his take on the questioning of Sam Alito by US Senators:

"Today I thought the spirit of Joseph McCarthy was alive and well in the Senate Democratic Caucus. And if Joe Welsh, the famous lawyer who turned to McCarthy and said 'Senator, have you no shame?' If he had been sitting next to Judge Alito there were moments this afternoon when he could have legitimately turned to some of those liberal Democrats who were smearing Alito , implying things that are clearly false, and said 'have you no shame'. And I would hope as they take this recess and as they have a chance to take a deep breath that they come back and decide to get back to civility and to decency in the way they're treating this judge and his family.

Comment: Sorry, no one needs to be scolded on indecent behavior by a man who served divorce papers on his wife as she battled cancer in the hospital.

When Gibson said that NY Senator Charles Schumer seems to believe that Alito will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, Gingrich said Schumer had a one-sided standard that demands only Republicans should engage in a decorous business.

"Schumer has a new standard," he said, "which is if you don't fit the Schumer litmus test you don't deserve to serve on the Supreme Court. Now, the Constitution doesn't have a Schumer test in it. The voters two years ago didn't pick the Schumer candidate. And so he is saying to the United States he is allowed to veto a nominee submitted by the president even if that nominee is totally qualified. <...> That's what Chuck Schumer believes. Chuck Schumer is a hard-left Democrat who actually believes this stuff. I just don't think he can get enough of the caucus to go with him to filibuster.

After that hyperbole, Gibson sounded like the voice of reason saying that with Alito replacing O'Connor, it represents a tipping point and that is why they oppose him so much. Gingrich laughed, saying that they thought several previous nominees were going to be the tipping point and they were, they just tipped the "wrong" way. He quickly got back on Schumer's case, with

"What is the arrogance of one Senator deciding that his value structure outweighs the person who won the presidency, and if that was the case then why wouldn't it have been legitimate for the Republicans in the '90s to have filibustered two liberal (dem? unclear and cut himself short) There clearly weren't enough Republicans to filibuster both of them. But nobody got up and said well that person's pro-choice.

He said the Democrats are playing a losing hand, and should fold. Gibson replied that "some" think they already have, and they're not going after him the way they would if they thought they could defeat him. "Carnac" Gingrich said that he got the impression from seeing Mrs. Alito's emotions while Graham was apologizing that she felt that her husband had been defamed, and the family name had been drug (sic) through the mud. He put to the viewers "Why should it be an agony to be asked by the POTUS to serve your country? Why should it be so painful and so difficult and so humiliating that no rational person would want to go through it? It strikes me we've gotten to this cyclle of human sacrifice by television hearing that's really uncalled for and has not been the norm for most of American history."

Comment: Selective memory syndrome strikes Gingrich again. It was not so long ago that the Clintons were humiliated and defamed and their name dragged through the mud and Gingrich was driving the bandwagon.

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