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Republicans Hold Stage With Authoritative Legalese - What The Hell Is Super, Duper Precedent?

Reported by Donna - January 10, 2006

There was no real Studio B today, simply a continuation of the hearings of Samuel Alito for Supreme Court Justice. I knew I was setting myself up to hear legal terms that I might not be familiar with but I didn't know that this afternoon a Republican, Senator Mike Dewine (R-Ohio), would talk continuously like a character on Sesame Street.

Senator Devine went on and on about whether Roe vs. Wade was a precedent, a super precedent or a super-duper precedent.

As many of you have seen, the Senators don't just ask questions during their half hour timeframe. They use this time to rant about issues that they find important to themselves.

Senator Dewine seemed stuck on whether Roe vs. Wade was a precedent, a super precedent or a super-duper precedent. He said he didn't think, in his opinion, that it was a super-duper precedent. He also said he didn't think that it was a super precedent. But, he did seem to think that it was a precedent.

He even admitted, "Finally, whatever the term precedent, super precedent, means, I do not think that it describes Roe."

Comment: Well, finally, if you don't know what the term means, then how can you say that you don't think that it describes Roe? The term 'super-duper precedent' came about (according to Senator Dewine) from Senator Arlen Specter's (R-PA) use of it in his opening statement of these hearings. Senator Dewine seemed dumbstruck by it and after he was done estrapolating on it, I, too, wondered, what the hell was his point?

We're back in nursery school, now guys, and you pick. Is it precedent? Or, is it super precedent? Or, is it super-duper precedent? And, should we just forget that this is a serious issue to many people?

You tell me. And,what was the question for Alito? Today's letters, S, D and P were brought to you by Super Duper Precedent (not to be confused with Super Duper President, which we haven't seen for a good five years)

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