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FOX Exclusive Interview With Tom DeLay

Reported by Deborah - January 8, 2006

Tom DeLay granted his first interview since stepping down to FOX News, speaking to Brian Wilson at 1PM today. DeLay started the interview with his campaign grin but his facial expression changed considerably when Jack Abramoff was mentioned. Nothing new was offered to the public during this interview. According to DeLay, he's innocent and the Democrats are the ones to blame. 1/8/05

DeLay appeared in a box next to Wilson during the interview. He wore that broad passport smile and a blue striped tie that screamed "conservative elite". Wilson asked him why he was giving up the fight after saying that he has done nothing "improper, illegal, or unethical". Delay was ready for that question and immediately tried to place the blame. Claiming he was not giving up the fight, DeLay said," Republicans, not Democrats have a rule if indicted you step down. Republicans have it not Democrats." He went on to say that because of the rule Democrats got a "runaway District Attorney' to get him to step aside. DeLay added that the Republicans have a "bold agenda" to get through this year.

Wilson wanted to know why he stepped down now since he had until Feb 1 to resolve the legal issues. DeLay said it was all about time. "Time is the enemy" He claimed the party must get to work on their "bold agenda" as soon as possible.

When Wilson asked if his stepping down was a win for Texas District Attorney, Ronnie Earle, DeLay's smile started to waver. Claiming that the charges are frivolous and baseless adding that the Democrat's strategy of character assasination is used to hide the fact that they have no agenda. For the third time he mentioned the Republican's "bold aggressive agenda"

Then Wilson asked about Jack Abramoff and DeLay started to look very uncomfortable responding nervously.
"Evidently he broke the law because he admitted guilt. They are trying to put that guilt by association on me. Everything I do is cleared by the ethics committee or lawyers."

Comment:Tom DeLay did not help himself today doing this interview. He just wasn't believable and his partisan accusations seemed petty and ridiculous. The visable change in his mannerisms and expression when Abramoff was mentioned was obvious. Even the TSA screeners wouldn't let DeLay fly after this performance.

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