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Foxnews.com not reporting Diebold AP story out of Florida

Reported by Chrish - December 15, 2005

While FOX slobbers all over itself about the 'historic elections' in Iraq today, congratulating Bush and by extension themselves for this "victory", they fail to make a peep about the revelations about the widely used Diebold election systems here in the United States. The AP is finally covering the stunning failure of security in Florida last week, where a test election was hacked, the vote flipped and outcome changed, and hackers escaped undetected.

This is OUR democracy hanging on the brink and the mainstream media remains largely silent. FOX News, those flag-waving patriots, should make this front-page news and demand that our election systems be the finest, most trustworthy, impeccable systems in the world. How else can we hold ourselves up as the leader and example?

Of course, that would mean Republicans couldn't steal any more elections and we'd go back to the days of budget surpluses, prosperity for everyone, positive job creation, and peace. Oh the horror.

The most recent story on FOXnews.com about Diebold is from November 29, and it is buried on the Technology page - not politics or national news, mind you - technology. In that story, Diebold, " One of the nation's leading suppliers of electronic voting machines may decide against selling new equipment in North Carolina after a judge declined Monday to protect it from criminal prosecution should it fail to disclose software code as required by state law."

The glorifying of democracy abroad when it is being tampered with at home is the ultimate hypocrisy. I hold ALL the media accountable for this shame. There is no good reason for our media to not go after this scandal with every dime and the best reporters they have. There is nothing less at stake here than our own democracy. A sham democracy with pretend elections is not good enough to leave future generations.

Thank goodness for BradBlog, BlackBoxVoting and others who have not let this issue go completely away.
You can go to VerifiedVoting.org to see pending legislation on this issue, and contact your Senators and Representative to ask them to co-sponsor and/or support clean elections.

NOTE: 12/17/05 still nothing on FOXNews.com

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