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A Lie-Fest Featuring Bill Bennett And Sean Hannity

Reported by Ellen - December 14, 2005

Bill "You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down" Bennett was a guest on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/13/05). Bennett was keen as always to cast himself as morally superior to Democrats. Truth-telling was optional.

Bennett insisted to Alan Colmes that President Bush is bouncing back from his public approval dive. "The only thing I know for sure about politics in Washington - that is you're on offense or you're on defense. He was on defense for quite a while and now he's on offense." Bennett probably didn't consider the possibility that someone in the audience might recall that Bennett made almost the same pronouncement about Bush seven weeks ago.

Sean Hannity brazenly lied while pretending to be deeply moved by "the winds of freedom" spreading in the Middle East. Speaking slowly and putting a tinge of dramatic sadness in his voice, Hannity said, "I see what Alan's friends in the Democratic Party have done to undermine our troops while they are in harm's way. Undermine the war effort, every step of the way, saying they can't win... Retreat and defeat... At least this president has stayed strong and principled."

Hannity probably didn't consider the possibility that someone in the audience might recall that three military experts, General Tommy Franks, General Paul Vallely, and Colonel Oliver North, have recently told Hannity, who has no military experience, that debate about the war in the US has no effect on troop morale or effectiveness.

Following a condescending analysis of what's pathetic about Democrats' talk of "retreat and defeat," Bennett took his requisite swipe at Colmes (something Hannity never does, by the way). Hannity had been good-naturedly ribbing Colmes about "his party." But Bennett said, "Alan and his friends. It may be small enough to get in a room." He started laughing.

Colmes didn't sound amused when he asked "Who said retreat?" "What Democrat waved a white flag and said surrender?"

Bennett said that talking of immediate withdrawal sounds like retreat.

"Who said immediately?"

Hannity said, "Pelosi." Bennett agreed.

In fact, I could find no reference of Pelosi calling for immediate withdrawal. She called for an immediate debate over an exit strategy on November 22. Eight days later, she endorsed Rep. John Murtha's resolution to bring the troops home at the earliest practicable date.

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