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Fox Gives the White House an Hourlong Campaign Contribution

Reported by Melanie - December 2, 2005

This was the line up today (December 2, 2005) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox's "premiere business news" program:

Segment One: Titled: "Death Penalty Fuss: Waste of Time and Money!" Guest: Mike Paranzino, founder of Throw Away the Key, advocating for the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams, the Crips gang founder who became an anti-gang activist while in prison and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Segment Two: Titled: "'Tookie Must Die' Radio Hour Leads to FCC Complaint." Guest: John Kobylt, KFR AM radio talk show host discussing the hourlong show, "Tookie Must Die" that he and his co-host produce every day during which they advocate for the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams.

Segment Three: Titled: "More Good News for Pres. Bush: Dow 11K Next Week?" Roundtable featuring Cavuto and Fox employees Brenda Buttner, Dagen McDowell, Rebecca Gomez and "Fox contributor," Gary B. Smith. The discussion echoed and expanded on the "news conference" Bush held this morning during which he gave a "rosy assessment" of the US economy.

Segment Four: Titled: "Winning Iraq: The Untold Story." The guests were Fox's Greg Palkot and David Asman. They promoted a Fox News special of the same title that will air tomorrow night which will highlight all the good things happening in Iraq that the "liberal media" doesn't cover.

Segment Five: Titled: "Mideast on the Rise - Intel Investing Billions!" Jennifer Griffin reported from Israel on US companies investing there. The implication was that US corporations could begin investing in Iraq at any minute.

Segment Six: Titled: "Abortion Issue Should Not Matter for Judge Alito." Guest was "Fox contributor," Father Jon Morris in Rome, Italy. He said Alito will be a fine justice if his rulings are based strictly on the what the Constitution says (that he'd be a good strict constructionist, though Morris didn't use those two words).

Segment Seven: Title: "Christmas DI$$." Fox's Bill McCuddy on why Hollywood is "dissing Christmas" and not producing any Christmas movies this year.

Segment Eight: Title: "Why is Hollywood Snubbing Christmas?" Guest was "Fox contributor" and talk show host Mike Gallagher. Gallagher told the audience that Hollywood is against Christmas and, as usual, is rejecting "heartland values."

Segment Nine: Title: "Fox Stox." Cavuto spent approximately 90 seconds covering headline news about various corporations.

Segment Ten: Titled: "How to Profit if You Think Home Prices are Falling." The guest was Bill Seale, founder of the Short Real Estate Profund who talked about shorting housing stocks to profit from a decline in the housing market.

Segment Eleven: Title: "Mail it In." Cavuto read several emails and touted his new book (published by ReganBooks, a division of News Corp.).

Segment Twelve: Title: "Why the Doom and Gloomers Got It Wrong." Cavuto's Common Sense, or "editorial" segment. Today Cavuto continued to tout the economy, saying "[w]e are a nation in the pink. We're doing, moving, shopping, hiring and booming."

Comment: I was struck by the number of Fox News employees and "contributors" who appeared as guests today. I suppose that's required when it's important to stay on message, and man, the White House is undoubtedly proud of how Fox stayed on message during this hour!

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