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Humpty Dumpty Hannity Falling With Bush Poll Numbers

Reported by Deborah - November 11, 2005

Hannity On The Radio

Hannity, energized by Bush's fiesty speech today, tried to retrieve his cocky persona on his radio show but there was something missing. Sure, he attacked Democrats blaming them for everything, every caller told him he was a "Great American and he even had an opportunity to use some of his old 2004 election material but there was an unmistakable air of defeat and anxiety in his delivery. 11/11/05

After Bush's accusatory speech, Hannity was spewing misinformation to every caller. There was "Joe Wilson Yellow Cake" still in Iraq; people opposed to the war wanted to "cut and run John Kerry Style"; Al Gore was still screeching; Howard Dean advanced the theory that Bush knew about 9/11 and Democrats were making a big deal over "occasional" incidents of abuse in military prisons. He also claimed that Democrats have orchestrated a propaganda campaign against Bush causing his approval rating to fall. Bush, of course, had nothing to do with it.

Amused by Mitt Romney's comment that Massachsetts was run by the KKK, Kerry-Kennedy-Klan, Hannity went after Robert Byrd and Democrats who were offended. "We can't find any evidence that Democrats have criticized Former Grand Wizard. They bow down at the alter of this former Klansman." Then he took a shot at Barack Obama playing this juvenile audio of Ted Kennedy sounding like some weirdo saying Osama Obama.

This was followed by an unusually long segment gushing over a 66 year old woman who shot an intruder. The 911 tape, repeated 3 times, revealed a cursing, hysterical woman firing and hitting the intruder and then shooting him again when he tried to flee. The 911 operator was pleading with her to stop shooting the man. Hannity called this woman a great hero giving her a Ruth Chris gift certificate. He tried to turn it into a political issue but couldn't pull it off.

comment: Hannity has been perched on his pedestal for 10 years. Bill Clinton was his first major victim and his success has come from ruthlessly destroying people's lives. Yet he has managed to convince his audience that he is a great American and true Christian.

Many of the people who were tricked into believing the same things about Bush are waking up to the truth and they are really angry. They are finished with Bush and finished with his media messengers. The American people realize that they have been in an abusive relationship with the Bush Administration. They knew they were getting slapped around and ignored but they kept giving him another chance. The moment comes in every abusive relationship when the victim has had enough walking away forever. That moment is drawing near and Hannity knows it.

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