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John Gibson oblivious

Reported by Chrish - November 9, 2005

On the Big Story yesterday 11/8/05 John Gibson said to guest Mark Molesky "The French have an idealistic view of themselves , that all French citizens are the same, they all have the same access to everything in the Republic, there is no difference in racial groups, or ethnic groups. Is that true?"

Molesky, co-author of "Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America's Disasterous Relationship with France" (no bias there, LOL!) replied that we're seeing the answer to that, which is no, across our screens the last few days. "These people" have been given housing and services but they haven't been given jobs, or respect by French society or culture. Asked by Gibson if France now has two worlds (an Islamic world and a secular, formerly Christian world) the author agreed that is an accurate depiction.

When Gibson asked if there was institutional discrimination against Muslim immigrants, Molesky replied there is not institutional discrimination, but a lack of interest in the poorer immigrant populations and the areas in which they live; the government is only interested in the areas which they, the "French elite", inhabit.

Comment: Does this sound disturbingly like the current US system and, let's say, New Orleans, or Flint MI, or hundreds of other poor enclaves? So far Fox seems to be really pushing the p.o.v. that these riots are induced by Islamic extremists and not attributable to poverty and despair. I find it interesting that they are even discussing the root causes, erroneous as they may be, and not just blowing it off to "they hate the French freedoms". Too bad they squash any debate of the "why they hate us" question as it pertains to terrorist attacks on US properties.

Seeking again a way to blame France for the riots, in the next segment with terrorism analyst and author Walid Phares ("Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies Against America") Gibson asked if France had been decent (his emphasis) to the Algerian and Muslim immigrants and if there was not 40% unemployment among Muslim youth, would we be seeing these riots? Phares said there are other immigrant communities facing the same socio-economic problems who are not rioting. What the Muslim population has, he says, are radical clerics inciting to riot and therein lies the root of the problem.

A later guest, Marcus Mabry of Newsweek Magazine, discounts the importance of the radical clerics and says that France has a racism problem. The rioters are the children and grandchildren of immigrants; they are French. They haven't been assimilated into the culture and are angry at being (what they perceive to be) shut out in their own nation.

After Mabry, Fox judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano came on and explained French law and what the government might do to try to contain and quell the violence - curfews and possible martial law. Then he reiterated the talking point above, "The notion that all French citizens are equal is a myth. We know that. They're not treated equally. The political class (interesting) doesn't treat the lower class with the same political respect, that's why these riots are going on. But it will take the absolute suspension of freedom of movement, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly in order to root these people out., and the French have the power to do it."


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