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Hannity Once Again Defends Swift Boat Veterans

Reported by Janie - November 8, 2005

Dick Armey (R - Former House Majority Leader) and Geraldine Ferraro (D - Former Representative and Vice Presidential candidate) were interviewed on Hannity & Colmes last night to discuss the dirty campaigns that are being run in the New Jersey Gubernatorial election.

While the guests remained cordial and fair, it was Hannity that needed to resort to right-wing talking points.

The segment began with the discussion of the ads that are being run in New Jersey, specifically the latest Forrester attack ad featuring Jon Corzine's wife. The ad in question, used the following quote:

"All I could think was that Jon did let his family down, and he'll probably let New Jersey down, too."

Comment: A shot of the ad was shown repeatedly for the viewers to read over and over again, with former Mrs. Corzine's comments highlighted, giving more publicity to the Forrester ad, and allowing the smear to sink in. While the hosts of the show continually acted as though these smears were reprehensible, not one negative word (from a Corzine ad) was mentioned about Forrester, while the negative attack on Corzine was continually shown.

Hannity, referring to the ads, asked: "Is it fair and will it work?

GF: "No, it's not fair and if you look at the Swift Boat ads in 2004."

SH: "It's not the same thing."

GF: "Sure it is.

SH: "You're going to attack these Vietnam War veterans that served their country, and gave eye witness accounts of John Kerry."

Comment: Does Hannity even understand the definition of hypocrisy? From his above statements, I have grave doubts.

1. Hannity states the Veterans (SBVT) gave "eye-witness accounts of John Kerry". This seems almost impossible, since many of the members did not serve at the same time or same place as Kerry. Many of the claims the SBVT were proven to be false after the fact, and were simply smears on Kerry.

2. According to Wikipedia, "No members of SBVT were aboard Kerry's boat during any of the incidents for which he was decorated. The only member of SBVT who was present at the Silver Star incident, Rood's crewmember Larry Clayton Lee, praised Kerry's tactics and stated that Kerry deserved the medal..."

3. Hannity blows his top when he feels Ferraro is attacking veterans, when he himself repeatedly attacked Kerry, a decorated war-veteran. By Hannity's estimation, I guess you can only be a good veteran when you support the Republicans.

Once Ferraro compared the SBVT to the attack ads in New Jersey, he immediately attempted to silence Ferraro and claimed she was "attacking veterans", simply because he had no better argument.

(Note: All SBVT references are sourced here)

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