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John Gibson Slimes Joe Wilson But Comes Out Oozing

Reported by Deborah - October 31, 2005

Joseph Wilson has been quite visible in the last few days telling his side of the story making it impossible for the slime slingers to get away with their talking points and lies to discredit him and his wife, Valerie Plame. Tonight John Gibson went after the Wilsons with a nasty commentary and succeeded in soiling himself instead of his targets.

Gibson said that Joseph Wilson took the high road today while speaking at The National Press Club and then claimed that Wilson has been gleefully screeching that Karl Rove should be frog marched out of the White House. In a tone filled with disgust he added,
"So why would I not think that Joe Wilson and his CIA spy-wife Valerie were popping the champagne Friday night when the indictment came down."

Then Gibson went after Wilson for not talking about how his CIA Wife sent him on the trip to Niger even though she knew he was anti-war. Wilson's Speech at the National Press Club was just aired on C-SPAN and he did talk about how he was sent on the trip which had more to do with his stellar qualifications and very little to do with his wife. Wilson made the point in his speech that his Wife was not happy about him going because at that time there were two year old twins at home and she depended on his help. Guess Gibson didn't hear that part.
The fact that Gibson objects to Wilson's preference for diplomacy over war indicates that he believes that a pro war person would have gladly falsified information to make the case for going into IRAQ.

Here is a transcript to the 60 Minutes piece aired last night 10/30 which told the truth about the enormous problems created for Valerie Plame and her family.

comment: Gibson's putrid behavior would never be tolerated anywhere but FOX. The people at FOX who claim to be "great americans" continue to disgrace us all.

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