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Here Comes The Indictment Doo-Doo

Reported by Ellen - October 29, 2005

The Republican spin machine was throwing the crap so fast and furiously last night, it was hard to keep track of it all. But the bottom line amounted to this: The just-indicted Scooter Libby is the victim and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson is the real bad-guy.

The unbalanced lineup of guests was made up of four conservatives - Mary Matalin, Newt Gingrich, Byron York and Jay Sekulow - and two liberals, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, and Adam B. Kushner. Matalin and Gingrich each got a segment to themselves so the actual air time for the liberals was even more disproportionate.

Mary Matalin called Libby "impeccably honest" and said, "If there's any damage done here, the victim at the moment seems to be, singularly, Scooter Libby and his family." She claimed he had been "smeared."

Apparently, it's only a smear when a Republican is on the receiving end. When Alan Colmes asked Newt Gingrich if the Bush Administration didn't besmirch Joe Wilson, Gingrich answered, ""No, Joe Wilson is a liar." Gingrich claimed Wilson lied about his report, he lied about who sent him to Niger. "There's a total difference between these two people. Whether or not Scooter Libby MADE A MISTAKE (my emphasis) and did not outline precisely how he learned this information and whether that was an honest mistake or a deliberate mistake, a jury will decide later on." Later, Gingrich said it was "fairly dubious" that Libby committed a crime. Wilson, on the other hand, was a "stunningly malicious person systematically defaming the president of the United States."

Sean Hannity did his part for the cause, of course. His head tilted a little more to the left than usual, his eyes squinted as though deep in contemplation about the basis of good and evil, he decried Patrick Fitzgerald's "incendiary language" during his "free reign" to go on TV for about an hour "without cross-examination." What was the incendiary language? Apparently, Fitzgerald had the audacity to "go on and on" about Valerie Plame's cover having been blown and how important it is to protect the identity of agents. Shame on him! Fitzgerald ought to know that no criticism is ever warranted against Republicans!

Comment: What a difference a day makes. Thursday night, Bill Bennett told the Hannity & Colmes audience that Republicans conduct their business with reasonable, civilized discussion. With the exception of Byron York, the aim of the other conservatives last night seemed only to score points for Libby and against Wilson and Fitzgerald - reason and civility be damned. I have a feeling it's only going to get worse.

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