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Sean Hannity Calls Iraq Bush's "Biggest Success Story."

Reported by Ellen - October 18, 2005

What planet is Sean Hannity living on? Unlike decorated war veteran (Hannity never served in the military) Senator Chuck Hagel (Rep. Neb.) who said the invasion of Iraq has destabilized the Middel East and that "the reality is that we're losing in Iraq," Hannity thinks it's Bush's "biggest success story" and he accused the mainstream media of ignoring it.

Guest Bernard Kerik was there to discuss the weekend vote on ratifying the Iraqi constitution. Kerik was introduced by Alan Colmes as "Former Interim MInister of the Interior and former New York City Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik." Kerik seems an odd choice as an analyst, given what was revealed about him last year in the wake of his failed nomination to be director of the Department of Homeland Security. Both the number and the quality of the scandals ought to make anyone pause to question his grip on reality and ethics:

After a week of press scrutiny, Kerik withdrew acceptance of the nomination. Kerik stated that he had illegally hired a foreign worker as nanny and housekeeper and that he had failed to pay taxes required for her employment...

Shortly after withdrawal of the nomination, the press reported on several other scandals which might also have posed difficulties in gaining confirmation by the Senate. These include:
An outstanding arrest warrant from 1998 stemming from unpaid bills on the maintenance of a condominium (documents regarding this warrant were faxed to the White House less than three hours before Kerik submitted his withdrawal of acceptance to the President); questions regarding Kerik's sale of stock in Taser International shortly before the release of an Amnesty International report critical of the company's stun-gun product; two simultaneous extra-marital affairs, one with his publisher Judith Regan; a sexual harassment lawsuit; allegations of misuse of police personnel and property for personal benefit; connections with a construction company suspected of having ties to organized crime; and failure to comply with ethics rules on gifts.

From Wikipedia

Comment: Does Roger Ailes have some kind of rescuing complex? It seems like any Republican with a checkered past is a candidate for rehabilitation via frequent guest bookings as a pundit - Mark Fuhrman, Bill Bennett, G. Gordon Libby, Newt Gingrich, to name a few. Can there be any doubt that if Karl Rove is indicted he'll be a regular commentator, too?

Colmes asked Kerik several good questions such as if the Sunnis feel left out of the process, couldn't there be serious repercussions that might lead to civil war? He also said the constitution is no guarantee that the insurgency won't strengthen.

Kerik said, without explaining how he knew, that, "For the most part, the Iraqis appear to be satisfied." and "We sort of have to stay optimistic." He said there were large numbers of Sunnis involved in the election and it's too premature to know what the ultimate result will be. But he also said he thinks the insurgency will get worse in the run-up to the December 15th election. "I think we're gonna see some hard-hitting."

When it was Hannity's turn, he started by saying, "I want to put some perspective on this." Any time Hannity mentions "some perspective," it's a sure sign he's going to spin. Last night was no different. "In less than three years, we're looking at Iraq that has turned from a brutal dictatorship where people were slaughtered and without mercy raped by this maniacal dictator to where we are here, today - you know, a country that funded terrorism around the world and now there is for the first time real hope, real potential, real possibility for democratization which will mean what to the entire region? What has happened in three short years here? ...Is the mainstream media ignroing what is the biggest success story here in the Bush presidency?"

Comment: As Bush's poll numbers continue to drop, perhaps Iraq is Bush's biggest success. In a CBS News poll taken about two weeks ago, only 26% think our country is on the right track, but 32% approve of the job Bush is doing handling the war in Iraq.

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