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"Political Dynasty" in Texas - Ronnie Earle's family!

Reported by Chrish - October 13, 2005

The talent at Fox News is making a subtle shift away from Tom DeLay as the facts of his relationships and methods become more widely known (thanks to the Internet - I must nod to RawStory.com, who has been on this case forever). Judge Andrew Napolitano, appearing on the Big Story yesterday 10/11/05, said DeLay's suit filed against prosecutor Ronnie Earles was essentially a ploy to distract and annoy Earles, and he has no real hopes of getting what he demanded. At the end of yesterday's segment on Special Report, Brit Hume said "It sounds like a long shot, a way to get back at (Earle)."

Brian Wilson began his report with " 'Five days of panic and prosecutorial misconduct' , that's how Tom DeLay's legal team characterizes the scramblings of Travis County TX District Attorney Ronnie Earle....

Wilson's use of the word "scramblings" denotes chaos, panic, desperation. He could just as easily and more objectively said ""prepaarations"." He allows the legal teams bias to enter his report by echoing their position.

Amidst the "flurry of filings", Jason Earle announced that he is running for State Representative (as a Democrat, it is noted.) When approached by Fox interviewers about the DeLay case as he left the announcement at the statehouse, father Ronnie only acknowledged that he's very proud of his son, and he'll talk about the strength of his case later.

Wilson said there are makings of a political dynasty, as Ronnie's daughter Elizabeth is a local judge and "there's some speculation she might run for dad's DA job" when he decides to step down. Jason Earle will have a hard time in this election, says Wilson, because Texas Republicans have vowed to raise a lot of money for his opponent.

Hume, well rehearsed, asks Wilson what the questions are that DeLay poses in his filings. Wilson answers with a chuckle that they are real humdingers and reads the first one: in essence, did Earle get angry when the Grand Jury didn't do as he wanted and did he try to convince them to bring the charges he wanted, which would be prosecutorial misconduct. Hume notes that they would have to get a judge to order Earle to sit for questions in the midst of his case, and that's the long shot.

Comment: Wilson might want to look into another family in Texas that has already established a powerful and dangerous political dynasty, see if they're guilty of any misconduct.

Fox continues to cast doubt on the charges against DeLay and impugn the DA's integrity while keeping their viewers completely uninformed about the charges, the people involved, the methods alleged, and all kinds of unsavory information about DeLay and the vast web around him.

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