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Fox - Bush Claims U.S. Stopped 3 Al Qaeda Attacks

Reported by Donna - October 6, 2005

Fire and brimstone rained down from Bush's speech today as he was 'redefining the enemy in Iraq' as reported on Studio B with Shepard Smith today. Under the banner that the 'President Vows Complete Victory On Terror', Smith reported that Bush said the Islamic radicals want to enslave whole nations and intimidate the world. He said that the president has claimed that the U.S. has stopped 3 Al Qaeda plots to strike here in the United States after 9/11. Smith said, 'So when and how?'

Wendall Goler reported from the White House that aides of the president suggested that the president is referring to Jose Pedilla, who was accused of a plot to set off a dirty bomb in this country and Iman Farris who cased the Brooklyn Bridge for attack and the Lackawanna 6, a Yemenese group accused of training in Afghanistan.

An Alliance of Islamic radicals with dreams of an empire stretching from Spain to Indonesia is how the president outlined the war on terror, reported by Goler.

Comments: Goler acted tentative when explaining the 3 Al Qaeda attacks that the president claimed the U.S. had stopped since 9/11. He said that aides suggested these three examples as though the aides were scrambling around for examples. I guess we are supposed to think that there have been breakthroughs in the war on terror and we are now safer? Note how the war of terror and the war in Iraq were intertwined.

How many times to we need to hear the president redefine the war on terror? What was all this about extremist and radical Islamics who want to enslave the world? What is with all the fear mongoring? And, when is this complete victory coming?

Perhaps the funniest thing about the president's speech was when he described Osama Bin Laden as a 'hypocritical son of privilege.'

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