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Rush Limbaugh Is Just Plain Nuts

Reported by Deborah - October 5, 2005

Somehow I've managed to avoid listening to Rush Limbaugh for more than 10 seconds until last night when he appeared on Greta van Susteren's show. Since I was waiting for Bill Clinton's appearance and the remote was out of reach, I just let it happen and it was an astounding experience. 10/4/05

Limbaugh came on to set the record straight about a comment he made,in the heat of the judicial moment, suggesting that Bush chose Harriet Mier out of weakness. After Dick Cheney called in to Limbaugh's show to soothe all the frenzied conservatives, perhaps Rush felt the need to distance himself from the disloyal conservative doubting and criticizing their leader.

It quickly became clear that Rush Limbaugh can't really have a normal conversation which requires pauses and listening. Greta was having quite a time getting any questions into the Limbaugh stream of consciousness which was not focused on Harriet Mier or Bush. Instead all of Limbaugh's rhetorical energy was focused on liberal bashing which we know is his life's work but sometimes it's just inappropriate, off topic and frankly just plain nuts.

Limbaugh didn't seem to really care about Harriet Mier but only that there wouldn't be a fight over the appointment. He had counted on a real brawl to provide hours of material for his endless radio show and now Harry Reid was saying that he liked her. He told Van Susteren that he wanted to send the Democrats off the deep end so people could see what they're really about. According to Rush, Democrats can camoflague themselves and if a real conservative had been picked, everyone would see the monsters underneath the liberal masks.

Comment: Here is a partial transcript of the spectacle which doesn't convey the frenetic energy and desperate obsession about a great liberal threat trying to take over the Country that could be heard in his voice. The fact that he does this sort of thing everyday for hours and millions of people listen and believe him is very worrisome because this man has significant psychological issues that have been ignored because he gets ratings. When will the media outlets who support these maniacs take some responsibility for what they are doing to this Country?

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