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Framing Miss Miers

Reported by Chrish - October 3, 2005

Over the course of the hour, Special Report today 10/03/05 penciled in the sketch that will become the full-blown portrait of Harriet Miers that Fox-viewers will defend like their own mothers. As disappointed hard-righters fear her not-far-enough rightness and moderates initial reaction of tentative relief reinforces that "moderate" impression, later revelations and complaints from the "left" will be portrayed as attacks that she is not liberal "enough".

During the hour we had the following reactions and opinions:

Carl Cameron, introducing a clip of Bush saying 'she will not legislate from the bench' , said Bush cast his "long-time friend" as a judicial conservative and a trailblazer. Cameron later said that she "echoed (Bush's) conservative judicial philosophy."

Majority Leader Bill Frist was upbeat, "excited" and pleased".

Democratic Leader Harry Reid praised Miers, who, Cameron said, "Until 1988 made political contributions to various Democrats." Comment: They are going to milk $100 to Gore in 1988 for all it's worth and a whole lot more, to show her bipartisanship. Harry Reid said it makes him feel better about her. In a later segment with Jim Angle, however, distance was put between Ms. Miers and any bipartisan leanings (see below.)

Cameron said that while many liberals feared she is a "stealth conservative", (Comment: ?!? What "stealth"?) Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), who opposed John Roberts, is uncertain: she "clearly has the potential to be a consensus nominee."

Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard Editor and frequent FOX contributor, fears she is not conservative enough and according to Cameron he and others are disappointed and demoralized. Kristol says it looks like Bush has ."flinched...it looks like capitulation."

Rush Limbaugh says she might prove to be a conservative over time, but "there are so many out there with a pedigree that is immediately discernible, why not go for it? People see this as a show of weakness." Comment: If you tell them to they will, Rush.

Cameron says "trying to quell some of those conservative concerns" the White House says Bush knows Miers to be a strong stalwart believer in his conservative judicial philosophy. He acknowledges that while that may ease concerns on the right it may increase them on the left. Unspoken is the fact that the White House cares naught for the concerns of the other half of America. Cameron gives a nod to the accusation of cronyism (m-w.com says "partiality to a close friend especially of long standing...) but says the White House strongly denies it.

The next segment, by Jim Angle, started with him saying "some conservatives" are loudly complaining that Bush didn't choose an outspoken conservative, but supporters say those critics want too much. (Message: She's not too conservative.)

Conservative Legal Scholar Leonardo Leo says those people want a provocative nominee, basically "a stick in the eye of the Democrats."

Wendy Long of the Judicial Confirmation Network says if "conservatives" don't get a well-known, "sexy, red-meat" nominee they are immediately skeptical, which is appropriate. Although 7 of the nine current justices are Republican nominees, the court is still far too "activist" (Comment: i.e., not interpreting the law in accordance with far-right religious doctrine).

Nathan Hecht of the Texas Supreme Court says she is very conservative and shares Bush's values.

Miers is lauded for her attempt, as head of the Texas Bar Association, to get the American Bar Association to retreat from its position on legalized abortion. Leo says it took a lot of courage, Long says it is the right thing to do, to take abortion out of the realm of the courts and put it back where it belongs, in politics.

Comment: How about taking it out of the courts and politics and putting it back where it truly belongs, in the gynecologists' offices?

The $100 contribution to Gore was brought up again but assuaged by Angle who said an old TX partner said it was common practice to donate to associates causes (which is to be translated as 'she didn't support Gore, she did it as a favor') and Angle continues that the rumor mill got so out of hand today that it had Miers working on Gore's campaign! That practically treasonous possibility was quickly denied.

The segment was wrapped up with an assurance to Fox-viewers : "Supporters say conservatives have a right to be wary having learned in the past that what they don't know might hurt them. One supporter said the angst on the right is nothing more than a lack of familiarity and that critics should just take a deep breath. Bush knows her well and conservatives know what he stands for."

Comment: Yea, he stands for corruption and incompetence and traitorous behavior. What he doesn't stand for is disloyalty.

Hume gave us a heads up that James Dobson would be on to discuss the nomination, and the All-Stars segment would be devoted to it too. Stay tuned for more conservative talking points; liberal concerns not respected..

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