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Trent Lott and Ann Coulter on Dayside

Reported by Janie - September 29, 2005

Yesterday (9/28) both Trent Lott and Ann Coulter appeared on Dayside to be interviewed by Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick. Lott to spout talking points in defense of Tom DeLay, and Coulter to well... be Ann Coulter.

Close to the beginning of the show, Trent Lott (R - MS) was invited on, via satellite to discuss the then fresh indictment of Tom DeLay. Lott stated: "Well, I don't know the details of it, I just heard it in the last 15 minutes. It's an ongoing investigation, so I don't think it'd be wise for me to try to comment. Although, as the saying goes, if you got an active district attorney or prosecutor that really wants to indict someone, he could indict a ham sandwich before most grand juries, so when you look at the record of this prosecutor, I must say I'm not particularly surprised. But I don't know the details or specifics of the indictment.'

Comment: Should have stuck with your gut instincts there Lott, and just not bothered to comment. All he does is merely spout the talking points that were apparently issued immediately following the announcement of the indictment. Just about every Republican immediately used the now tired "ham sandwich" line as a defense for DeLay, and Lott was no exception. My question to Lott however, is: What exactly about Ronnie Earle's record left you "not surprised"? As a Republican, I know I'd be surprised to see that out of the 15 politicians Earle prosecuted, 11 were actually Democrats. I do see some partisanship here, but it's not the type that the Republicans and Fox want you to see.

Then the fun began, and Dayside invited my own personal favorite, Ann Coulter on to the show. The foremost reason she was on the show was to promote her book "How to Talk to a Liberal - if You Must."

Comment: If Fox is supposedly so non-biased, why would they happily welcome a woman onto their airwaves that is so politically divisive, and wrote a book with a title that speaks of utter contempt for a particular group. What was very interesting to me, is that Fox had on a woman to promote a book that is obviously contemptuous of a particular group, when the book was published a year
ago. Aren't book promotions supposed to promote books that have recently been released? Unless Fox is trying to get a message across, I see no reason to promote a book that far out from its release date.

Coulter was a bit more tame throughout this interview than she usually is, but she had some of her normal rhetoric ready and available such as: "They had a president getting oral sex from an intern, on Easter Sunday, in the oval office, and what they have on DeLay is which account a campaign contribution went into."

Comment: Wow, another shot at Clinton having sex. That's apparently all she has on the former president, because that's all she seems to know how to talk about. And as for her "it went into the wrong account" bit, feel free to read what the actual indictment is about here.

She then continues to make this absolutely disgusting comment: "There is always a stench around Republicans (sarcasm). This is no different from the prosecutor going after Rush Limbaugh. They want it to be against the law to be a Republican, and they want us to be in Guantanamo."

Comment: Sure, prosecutors only went after Limbaugh because he was a Republican. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was a drug addict. It is so hypocritical to see Republicans that have this constant "War on Drugs", and claim to have such high moral values, just give a pass to anyone that's on their side.

As for the Guantanamo comment, I don't know where Coulter has been hiding herself for the last year, after all it's the Democrats that have wanted to SHUT DOWN Guantanamo for the last year. Her comments are baseless and idiotic, but I guess that's how Fox thinks of their viewers, since they hold none of their guests up to any sort of standards (i.e., the truth).

She then closed with: "They want us in Guantanamo, they want us all in Guantanamo. I would just like to say, if you're a Republican in Washington, and you haven’t been indicted, you're doing something wrong."

Comment: That pretty much sums it up. Just keep telling your elected officials to do something against the law in order for them to be indicted. If that's the standard she wants her elected officials to be held up to well, it looks like she's getting her wish.

This hate-mongering woman was very well received by the hosts (although, fortunately, she received no applause whatsoever from the audience) and just continued to show the sort of people Fox wishes to be aligned with.

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