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What's Good for the Goose is Apparently Not Good for the Gander

Reported by Janie - September 27, 2005

"So if you think -- if you believe it is good policy -- if you believe it is good policy to pay for my tax cuts with the Social Security checks of working men and women and borrowed money from China and Japan, you should vote for them. If not, John Kerry's your man."

"What would surprise many, however, is that we largely borrow this money from foreign countries - like China"

The above mentioned comments were made by Democrats Bill Clinton and Diane Feinstein in 2004. Democrats have been screaming for the last year that the United States is getting too far into debt, and that we've been borrowing money from foreign countries to pay for various things, and our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay for them.

Yesterday (9/26) on Dayside, Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick interviewed Congressman Tom Feeney (R - FL) on the cost of cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina, and where the money is going to come from.

JH: "How is the President going to pay for all of this?"

MJ: "You're comments have been reported over and over the last 24 – 48 hours, talking about 'we can't be drunken sailors', you don't want to spend like drunken sailors right?"

TF: "Well, I said that drunken sailors, when they run out of money, they quit spending. Congress has been on a spending binge the last 5 years. We now have an $8 trillion deficit debt. To put that in perspective, $1.5 billion in additional obligations are added to the debt everyday. There will come a day of reckoning, we can't just continue to borrow money from the Chinese and then force our children and our grandchildren to pay it back."

Comment: Wow, is this guy liberal or what?! Oh wait... he's a Republican! Over the last year, the right, and Fox included, have ripped Democrats for making statements such as this. Feeny was received with a warm welcome from both the hosts of Dayside, as well as the audience. No one questioned his statements, and the hosts even agreed with what he said. A year later, Fox has decided to embrace this view, specifically since it was a Republican who made the statement rather than a Democrat. The hypocrisy is glaring, and only serves to hurt our country. If we had addressed this issue, rather than attacking Democrats for bringing it up and allowing Republicans and Fox to blatantly stick to party-line, we may not be as deeply in debt as we are today.

Apparently in this case, what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander.

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