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Hannity Hysterical With Hate For Cindy Sheehan

Reported by Deborah - September 26, 2005

Hannity was overwhelmed with anger today on his radio show. At times he seemed almost unbalanced when attacking Cindy Sheehan, Aaron Broussard and of course all liberals who he accused of "adhering to an extremist agenda." When a caller supported Cindy Sheehan, Hannity became unhinged and frenzied in his attack.

Hannity's radio show is really a members only environment and anyone who calls in with an opposing viewpoint will be treated poorly. Hannity is King of that domain and really believes he can get away with anything. So today when an unsuspecting guy called to talk about seeing Cindy Sheehan at the march yesterday, Hannity was ruthlessl.

When the caller mentioned that he had met Sheehan, Hannity answered, "I don't care." Then the caller tried to talk about a t-shirt he was given at the march and Hannity muttered, "libs love freebes." After that the tirade started and the caller was given no chance to finish a complete sentence. Hannity started with the now infamous lie that he been repeating about Cindy Sheehan saying, "This Country is not worth dying for." Hannity likes to pretend that Sheehan is talking about this Country when in truth she was referring to Iraq. He continued raving about Sheehan as a radical and Bush hater and then started his interrogation of the caller.

Hannity asked him if someone came into his home to hurt his children, would he defend them and shoot the intruders. Then he asked if he would do the same if a neighbor's children were threatened. The caller's answers were ignored or interrupted as Hannity continued his entire Saddam routine. Then suddenly Hannity proclaimed that it was impossible to have an intelligent conversation with the caller and disconnected him.

Then it was time to go after Aaron Broussard who had appeared on Tim Russert's show with a heart wrenching account of the death of the Mother of a co-worker. Recently, the right wing attack machine has tried to discredit Broussard because he had been wrong about the date that the woman had died in a nursing home waiting for help to arrive. Hannity congratulated Russert for challenging Broussard on Sunday and played the tape of his original statement followed by Broussard's response to Russert. Hannity realized that Broussard made Russert look like a cruel nitpicker and started to go after all the "Bush haters" who exaggerated the events in NOLA to advance their agenda.

After this wildly partisan tirade, Hannity gave a noble speech about how we should be working together blaming any critics of the government for creating divisions when we need unity. Hannity's nobility was rewarded by a caller from St Louis who greeted him as a "true patriot and great american" adding that he was counting the days until Hannity was scheduled to appear in his city. Hannity calmed down becoming a gracious host to his adoring fan.

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