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Dick Morris Tells Hannity And Colmes Why Katrina Is A Happy Hurricane For Bush

Reported by Ellen - September 16, 2005

Dick Morris was so upbeat about President Bush's speech last night, and his prospects in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, one almost got the impression that the death and destruction were just stepping stones for the greater good of the president's legacy.

Whereas other FOX News guests were more muted in their assessment of the speech (Republican Bob Livingston called it "solid," FOX News Contributor Nina Easton said it "did what it was designed to do and was clearly the product of (Bush's) talented speechwriter," and Mort Kondracke called it "an adequate performance") Morris gushed that the speech was "Fantastic!"

Predicting that Bush's ratings are going to soar over the next year, Morris said, "The people who said this storm is going to hurt Bush's presidency are just wrong."

Comment: Not according to the latest FOX News poll, out the same day. According to FOXNews.com, "BushÂ’s approval rating has taken a hit since the hurricane and now sits at the lowest level of his presidency."

But in Morris' view, the problems of the immediate aftermath of Katrina will soon be "a distant memory" amd the recovery will be "a huge positive for Bush. That will be a second term legacy."

Morris said, "(Bush) can get all the money he wants out of Congress 'cause of this disaster, the people will be solidly behind him, the media will cover it like crazy and he's gonna look like Santa Claus."

Comment: No mention of how this largesse is going to be paid for or the fact that by waiving the minimum wage, he might look like Scrooge to some, especially since it's a safe bet there will be no limit on how much Halliburton and the Bush oil cronies stand to reap.

No, according to Morris, this whole hurricane is going to be one big boon for Bush administration, thanks to the suffering of the New Orleanians. "They lifted up the Super Dome... and we saw the poor. And we saw it in a way we couldn't possibly ignore it. And I think this is a seminal moment in our history and I think Bush rose to the occasion magnificently."

Morris continued, "The president has such mastery of all of the tools of disaster relief. It's a military effort, Congress appropriates whatever you want, he controls the executive branch, and this is something where Bush can just go ahead and do his thing and all the Democrats can do is sigh."

Morris said that the only two things Bush thinks the federal government should do are fight wars and deal with natural disasters. He claimed that war was the legacy of Bush's first term and the hurricane will be the legacy of his second. "Man, is that guy fortunate! Fortunate to be able to be president at a time when he CAN respond without violating his principles."

And almost nobody at the top level of his administration had to cut short their vacation by more than a day or two.

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