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Clifford May Speaks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth

Reported by Janie - September 16, 2005

Yesterday (9/15), Uma Pemmaraju was at the news desk during the 1 o'clock hour, once again taking the place of Dayside. She began the hour interviewing Clifford May (President of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies) and Bob Beckel (Democratic Strategist) on the situation in New Orleans.

May began with: "New Orleans is a wonderful place, but it is not a place that has been in recent years, one of the capitals economically of the New South. It has been a place with high unemployment, a high crime rate, its had the port, and its had the tourist destinations, but that's about all. They're going to have to find a way, by getting rid of corruption, by looking at tax policies to attract corporations and employment in the area. To have people go back there and sit, and get welfare and public housing, that should not be the answer to this tragedy."

Comment: What a disgusting way to view this tragedy, and to talk about the poor people of New Orleans. He discusses that New Orleans had a high unemployment rate, and that the city needs corporations to come in to provide income and jobs. He then completely goes against that point and states "To have people go back there and sit, and get welfare and public housing, that should not be the answer to this tragedy." Well, maybe if there were jobs, people wouldn't have to be on welfare in the first place would they? He completely goes against his own statement that there is high unemployment due to lack of jobs, but then blasts the people of the city that had to be on welfare and have assistance with their housing. You can't have it both ways May!

Pemmaraju changed the subject and turned to Beckel to discuss the racial implications of the Hurricane. He gave Bush the benefit of the doubt and stated that race was not an issue, but he ended his statements with a fantastic rebuttal to May: "the last thing I'd say is that I hope we don't use New Orleans as some sort of experimental lab for a bunch of right-wing, neo-con ideas that have already been defeated by the Congress, we don't need that." Pemmaraju let May's comments stand, changed the topic quickly not allowing Beckel to respond to May, but fortunately Beckel took it upon himself to answer May's hateful rhetoric.

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