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Welcome to the Star Chamber

Reported by Nancy - September 9, 2005 -

Today (9/9) on FNL, the noon hour was the same as it's been all week, mostly Katrina-related. Bill Hemmer anchored & did a relatively decent job, with unexceptional reports from Adam Housley, Dan Springer & Carol McKinley. The daily press briefing by the News Orleans Police Dept took up the biggest single segment (approx 26 uninterrupted minutes). But buried in the headlines near the "bottom" of the hour was a story which should have merited an ALERT -- & of course, since this is FNL, did not get one.

At 12:36pm (EDT) Dari Alexander read headlines:
*oil prices $60/barrel;
*hostage heads home;
*fighting in Ramadi;
*federal appeals court rules government can hold Jose Padilla without charge indefinitely;
*floodwaters receding in Nimes, France.

Comments: Stop. Go back. Read those items again. Pay special attention to the fourth one.

ALERT! Your government is now free to arrest you, hold you without charges -- hell, without even a hearing, much less a trial -- deprive you of access to a lawyer, smear you with allegations in the press & prevent you from answering those allegations, in or out of court. And all of this can go on indefinitely, if POTUS says so.

Jose Padilla, a US citizen, was arrested in Chicago in Dec 2001 & has been held in a military brig in South Carolina since June 2002. The Los Angeles Times already has a write-up of today's decision, & for more background on Padilla, see this website (not updated with today's info, as I post this).

Why didn't this news item merit multiple ALERTs & endless bloviating from the usual roster of talking heads?

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (the Padilla case, or any similar case of US citizens being "detained" indefinitely, without charges, by our govt -- e.g., Hamdi). O/T comments will be deleted. Thanks.