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Brit Hume: "...Bush acted quickly today..."

Reported by Chrish - September 5, 2005

After all the criticism of Bush's lack of acknowledgment of and response to the disaster in New Orleans, Special Report's Brit Hume found a way to alleviate the suffering of the wounded vacationer-in-chief.

Introducing a segment on John Roberts' nomination upgrade today 9/05/05, Hume said "president Bush acted quickly (his emphasis) today to announce his proposal for filling the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the death of the Chief Justice William Rehnquist on Saturday."

Carl Cameron reported "In the Oval Office, moments before another* trip to the hurricane-ravaged South, and two days after .." the death of Rehnquist, the nominee chosen to replace retiring Justice O'Connor has been picked to replace Rehnquist. Bush is shown saying that "Roberts has earned the nation's confidence" (comment: ?!) and Cameron reports that aides say that Bush had Roberts in mind for Chief "all along" and then describes the arrangements for Rehnquist's final ceremonies.

Cameron says "En route to Louisiana today, the president called Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to say he would move promptly to nomionate her new successor."
Comment: A damage control twofer, reminding us that Bush is going to visit the Gulf States (he cares) and he is moving "promptly" on the vacancy (man of action and decisiveness).

Bush, shown in video again, believes that Roberts can and will be confirmed as Chief Justice within a month. If he is not, Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, a "renowned liberal" and the most senior with 30 years on the court, would be interim Chief. Cameron understates "conservatives would much rather see Judge John Roberts in charge."

Comment: And it's all about what conservatives want, on Fox.

Jim Angle picked up with the Congressional view on the re-nomination, saying essentially that Republicans say that the change in job position sought should not affect Senators' evaluation of Roberts suitability. Senators Schumer and Corzine disagree, saying the bar has been raised, and Schumer and Senator Ted Kennedy, among others, want to know who the new nominee will be to replace O'Connor before they vote on Roberts. Senator Bill Frist, Majority Leader, states flatly that Roberts will be confirmed before the start of the new session.

Brit Hume, saying he is "confused' (oh puhleeze) asks Jim Angle about O'Connor's situation; if she is on the court when it reconvenes in October, will she stay for another session? Angle replies that there will probably be a replacement, and the recent average for confirmation is 72 days. O'Connor cannot vote on cases if she will not still be on the Court at the time of the decision and most cases take about two months. She will be able to hear cases but not vote on them.

Comment: Be prepared to hear Fox drilling that Democrats have had plenty of time to vet Roberts and that the minor detail of Associate or Chief Justice is irrelevant.

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