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Fox Rescues Their President:Operation American Amnesia

Reported by Deborah - September 3, 2005

Fox wants us to erase all those nasty images of the past few days. It's time to forget about exhausted, starving, sewage soaked people locked up in the Superdome and Convention Center in New Orleans waiting for the help that took five days to arrive. Please don't think about the babies without formula or the diabetics without insulin or the asthmatics without inhalers. Then there are those real pesky thoughts that might take longer to erase like the women getting raped by gangs inside the Superdome, or maybe the elderly people twitching as they died on the street alone.

Tonight's Fox Special, America's Challenge - After Katrina did it's best during the first hour ,8-9PM,to make us focus on the miraculous rescue of thousands today so maybe we could forget about how badly their President failed us.

Hannity, Colmes, Geraldo and Greta were the hosts who did the same thing that's been done all week but this time the tone was upbeat and the message was clear. Everyone has been rescued; our troops were heroic (true); President Bush showed great leadership; America is doing it alone and forget about those 5 horrific days.

Happy Hurricane Molly Hennenberg was on hand in Houston to tell us that there are so many clothes for the children it's just wonderful but now they could use some books. She showed us the message board with all the generous offerings from all over the country. Everything is great now so please forget the last 5 days.

Greta Van Susteran had a "feel good story" about a mother reunited with her premature baby. Her future looks bright so please don't think about the babies who died because they had no food, water or shelter for 5 days.

At one point, Operation American Amnesia got an unexpected jolt when Bill Hemmer rolled the wrong video clip. Reporting from Baton Rouge, Hemmer was praising the city for supporting the masses of people arriving from NO then the clip showed a man who was furious because Baton Rouge refused to take in more people. " Too many people are suffering and dying. They're not even human", referring to the Baton Rouge officials. Hemmer quickly told viewers that it was the wrong clip and continued his feel good review.

Then the first hour was wrapped up with an interview of Bob Livingston by Sean Hannity. Hannity couldn't hold back anymore and reverted to his baiting behavior asking Livingston about political name calling adding it's "ghoulish and shocking" ( ghoulish is a brand new word for Hannity)

Livingston commented that maybe the rescue could have been quicker but gave the survivors a wonderful bit of news. Livingston praised the
President's idea of giving tax credits for anyone who invests in the blighted areas. Now won't that be great news for all the people who have lost everything and are unemployed too. Talk about out of touch.

comment: I have nothing but praise for our magnificent military who in some cases were called back from Iraq to help and I'm filled with relief that the majority of people have been rescued from hell. However, I am not about to forget those five days because this all could have been accomplished last week before so many people died and so many horrific events scarred them forever. I'm not about to forget that Condi Rice ignored the offers of International support because she was shoe shopping in New York. Those five days could have been avoided and we all know who's responsible but it's important that we resist that urge for American Amnesia. It's an opiate that has done too much damage already.

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