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What Trumps Katrina? Bush Landing in Arizona, Of Course!

Reported by Nancy - August 29, 2005 -

Today (8/29) was Bill Hemmer's first day as anchor of FNL. Hemmer had the misfortune to arrive on a day when the coverage was wall-to-wall Katrina. Gretchen Carlson co-anchored the last hour of the program, which hardly needed one anchor, let alone two.

The only break in the endless bloviating & video was (surprise, surprise) at 12:31pm (EDT) to show live pix of Air Force One landing at Luke AFB (AZ) & announce that Bush might have a statement later about gas prices. A couple of minutes later, while Phil Keating was reporting from New Orleans, FNL went to split-screen to show video of Bush getting off Air Force One. The live video of an empty stair rolled up to Air Force One continued until 12:39pm, when the Bushes actually exited the plane, at which point FNL went to full-screen live coverage of that, "event", even as Carlson was reporting about Katrina, & stayed with that live video right through Carlson's phone interview with AL Governor Bob Riley (GOP), ending only at 12:41pm when they went to a commercial break.

Comment: I'm not kidding. They didn't even bother to read headlines at the "bottom" of the hour. Apparently the only other thing that happened of note in the entire world was that Bush landed in Arizona.

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (FNL's choice to cover Katrina & report no other news besides Bush landing in Arizona). O/T comments -- especially any that say "but everyone else was doing it too" -- will be deleted. Thanks.