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O'Reilly Accuses Media Of Deceit and Blind Hatred

Reported by Deborah - August 18, 2005

Bill O'Reilly has put a lot of effort into his anti-Cindy Sheehan campaign and he's had little success. More and more people are drawn to Sheehan and her cause each day and O'Reilly seemed frustrated and perplexed that he had failed to sway public opinion and influence the media. So tonight he went after the media accusing them of deceit and claiming that they are driven by "blind hatred of George Bush" because they won't discredit Sheehan. 8/18/05

The media got a major scolding from O'Reilly during the talking points segment. Angry that the media supports Sheehan 4 to 1, Bill actually read a very long list of newspapers that have written favorably about Cindy Sheehan and then he congratulated the few papers who expressed opposition.

Tonight Darryl West, Brown University, came on the show to back up O'Reilly but in reality West managed to maintain objectivity frustrating O'Reilly even more.

When West suggested that the papers are giving their readers what they want since now public opinion is with Sheehan. O'Reilly grunted,
"Pandering to their readers,"

West called Cindy Sheehan the perfect anti-war sumbol putting a human face on the problem. O'Reilly was ticked asking West if he knew who broke the story about Sheehan's radical connection? We did!"

Then it looked like his xanax was starting to wear off and he mumbled a lame comparison of Cindy Sheehan and Jane Fonda which made absolutely no impression on anyone. Returning to the newspapers, O'Reilly claimed that they had an obligation to tell people about her history.

He wasn't getting the reinforement that he wanted from West so he bashed the Baltimore Sun for not mentioning that Sheehan had already met with Bush and West unenthusiastly agreed. Finally, in total frustration he accused them all of deceit and blind hatred of George Bush.

comment: Bill O'Reilly has lost this battle and he knows it. I think that he has realized that Sheehan has unleashed a new energy in this country that he can't control. The right wing smear machine is no longer effective because people have been fooled over and over by this administration and they're fed up.

As a Mother, I can't imagine any war that would be noble enough to make the loss of my child acceptable. Women everywhere can connect with Sheehan because as Mothers we have similar priorities. Our children always come first and no matter how you spin it, no war is worth the death of an offspring. It's easy for some women to spout patriotic platitudes when they're talking about soldiers as an abstract concept. That's why the administration wanted those draped coffins hidden away. However, once they get the reality of it in their gut, there is no choice. Our children are more important than somebody's war.

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