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Cindy Sheehan Makes Dayside!

Reported by Janie - August 13, 2005

Yesterday (8/12), Cindy Sheehan's protest finally made it onto Dayside! Guest-host Juliet Huddy interviewed the Director of Center for Public Leadership at Harvard, David Gergen.

Juliet began the interview by stating: “The President has always been empathetic, I don’t think anyone can argue with that, when it comes to soldiers families, but sometimes the empathy only goes so far...”

Comment: And just how far is that Ms. Huddy? Far enough to even bother to remember the names of the families he's meeting with? According to Ms. Sheehan, apparently not!

Huddy and Gergen briefly mentioned what the protest is actually about. Gergen stated: “I personally don’t agree with Cindy Sheehan’s view, that we should pull out. I respect her and obviously respect her son. I don’t agree with her view.”

Comment: This is the only aspect of Ms. Sheehan's protest Dayside deems worthy of mentioning. However, this is not the only one issue that Ms. Sheehan is concerned about, but Fox chooses to ignore the other aspects, such as why the United States is in Iraq in the first place, and why the United States was lied to regarding the reasons for going to war. This sort of dissent does not make it onto the show, as they choose to have their viewers believe the entire protest is over the withdrawal of the soldiers from Iraq.

Gergen continued to follow Fox's campaign of attempting to discredit Ms. Sheehan by bringing up the recent statement put out by Ms. Sheehan's family: “Cindy Sheehan’s own family today, let’s be clear about this, Cindy Sheehan’s own family today has issued a statement saying they disagree with her. And they believe it has not been helpful to her to have this vigil outside.”

Comment: Every right-wing outlet (Limbaugh, Hannity on the radio, the Drudge Report, etc.) has picked up this story and is using it in an attempt to discredit Ms. Sheehan's views. However, I fail to see any bearing the families statements have on Ms. Sheehan's case. This was her son, and she has to endure the pain of losing her son, more so than anyone else in her family. She has every right to feel the way she does, and every right to protest a war that she believes to have been unjustified. Her family's view on the war and the President have nothing to do with Ms. Sheehan, and are only being used in an attempt to discredit her stance.

Despite following party-line with this interview, there were a few very promising highlights. Huddy polled the audience on whether they feel the President should meet with Ms. Sheehan, and 50% of the audience felt that he should. One audience member posed the question: “The president is on a 5 week vacation, would it kill him to take 10 minutes to meet with her?” Even Gergen said that he felt the President should meet with her. These views being presented on Fox is almost a victory unto itself.

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