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Boy wonder Blunt gets BORe's seal of approval

Reported by Chrish - August 9, 2005

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, son of US House Majority Whip Roy, was a guest on the O'Reilly factor tonight 8/8/05. Being all too familiar with Blunt's priorities and methods, I fully expected him to be built up on O'Reilly's show and was not disappointed.

Missouri is a microcosm of American politics, with Blunt the younger, a right-wing conservative with no empathy for constituents of lesser means or differing views, acting as mini-W. One of his first acts to endear him to constituents was to have the state install "panic buttons" throughout the Governor's Mansion, because he was concerned about his young family's safety from the mansion staff, specifically those who are on a prison work-relief program. His deep cuts to programs benefitting children, the elderly, and the disabled across the state have made him widely reviled. It is estimated that 90,000 were cut from Medicaid upon which they depended earlier this year.

Apparently he and several other governors were called on the carpet by O'Reilly for being "soft on child-sex offenders" with no apparent plans to do anything about the supposedly lax laws. However, two days later Blunt signed into law a measure that would require convicted sex offenders, whose offense could be as limited as exposing himself to a child, to wear an electronic monitoring device for life.

Comment: What is not widely known is that "exposing" oneself can be as innocent as accidently being viewed while urinating outdoors. " Missouri 566.093. 1. A person commits the crime of sexual misconduct in the second degree if he: (1) Exposes his genitals under circumstances in which he knows that his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm." Many people would be affronted by another person "going" outdoors, but many others would take it in stride, so it all depends on who sees you.

So, Blunt was on O'Reilly tonight to clear his name and to get some national attention. With dad's influence and siblings sprinkled throughout the system in legal and lobbying positions, this Bush lite is being groomed for more powerful positions, where his faux compassion and rabid neo-conservatism will go over well with his homies in the red states.

Blunt told O'Reilly that MO is one of only 5 states who currently have GPS monitoring for life for convicted child-sexual offenders, and he is planning to work with the legislature to craft law similar to Florida's "Jessica's Law" next year. He envisions a minimum sentence of 25 years plus life-time monitoring, so judges cannot give "soft" sentences like the one handed down in St Louis last week. (In that case a child-raper was given a 4-month sentence for repeatedly raping a young girl over the course of 4 years, and everyone is wondering what the judge was thinking.) When O'Reilly asked Blunt if he had called the judge who handed down that sentence, Blunt replied that he didn't need to - he knew he was a liberal judge and it was a soft decision.... O'Reilly interrupted him to point out that the judge, Larry Kendrick, was a Reagan appointee and not liberal; Blunt changed to say that it was a liberal punishment and O'Reilly reiterated that he wasn't a liberal judge. Blunt was obviously caught off guard by this "revelation" and looked nervous.

O'Reilly then said that is often the case and cited another recent Missouri case, this time in Kansas City, where federal judge Dean Whipple basically threw out a jury conviction of a man who was entrapped by an Internet child-sex solicitation sting. At this point BORe turned to Blunt and said, "This is great; I'm glad you came here." Comment: Approval from him means a lot to his fans, who like their opinions pre-chewed.

The sting case will now be retried at a state level, by a friend of Matt Blunt.

BORe looked through his notes to find the name of the acquitted defendant, not immediately locating it, but took the time to say again that he was glad that Blunt had come on. Bill finds the defendant's name, Jan Helder, identifies him as an attorney and video is shown of him leaving a building.

O'Reilly voices his indignation that the good people of Missouri found Helder guilty but "the judge said 'I don't really care what you guys think, I'm gonna let him go." He and Blunt share their outrage that if he was found guilty by a jury, he should hve been punished under the law. Comment: The buzz around Kansas City, however, is that the law needs to be re-written and the defendant's lawyer made an excellent argument about why his client was not guilty of breaking the law as written.

Blunt repeates that MO is one of five with GPS, sheriffs can post pictures on the Internet of convicted sexual offenders, and next year they will pass law similar to Jessica's Law. O'Reilly says that's the final piece of the puzzle and MO will become a trendsetter for the United States, and that's what parents want.

O'Reilly prepares the final question by saying Missori is a heavily Catholic state (Comment: 20% is not "heavily" IMO), split between Republicans and Democrats, but fairly traditional. Is the sexual predator worse, the same, or less there?

Blunt replies that there are about 3,000 predators in the system ("wow!" says O), and he doesn't know how that compares, but Missourians and he have no higher priority than to protect innocent children against people who do diabolical things to them.

BORe tells him he appreciates Blunt being a stand-up guy (props #3) and coming in, and if you need any help, run into any opposition, let us know.

Comment: Three times during the interview Blunt said words to the effect that protecting children was his highest priority. Yet the budget that he signed was balanced on the backs of children who lost medical care, First Steps therapies for babies and toddlers, and on statewide child advocacy centers (where rural rape victims can receive immediate medical, legal, and psychological assistance). He is a posturing self-righteous brat, and Bill O'Reilly finds him a stand-up guy.

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