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Mike Jerrick - Keep it Up!

Reported by Nancy - July 26, 2005 -

Dayside yesterday (7/25) was a very different experience compared to what I've gotten used to watching, and all credit today is due to guest-host Mike Jerrick.

Most of the show was spent on the recent London bombings, and Natalee Holloway, but he conducted one particular segment that I was rather impressed by. He interviewed regular stand-bys Ellis Henican and Rich Lowery, both Fox contributors, on the recent diplomatic changes in North Korea, and on the Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts.

At the beginning of the segment, he introduced the topic by saying that one-on-one talks are going to be getting underway in North Korea. He interjected his own personal comment: "I thought we weren't going to do that!" and then began the discussion: "US and North Korean negotiators are meeting today to talk about North Korea's nuclear program, it's a rare one-on-one, and something the US has often said it wouldn't do."

Later in the segment he introduced the topic of the Supreme Court nomination and allowed both Lowery and Henican to give their views. Henican stated: "He ought to open up and tell us what he thinks about everything. I'm not talking about specific cases, but let's hear his judicial philosophy, let's hear what he thinks is important in the world, let's hear where he thinks America has been and where it is headed." Jerrick responded by saying: "You know, I kind of agree with you. And Rich we go through this every single time, every time there's a nominee for anything, all of the sudden they have to stop talking. What's that about, why can't I know who he really is?"

Comments: For once, Jerrick has decided to be open and honest in his discussions, and even shied away from the usual Republican Party line he often toes. Rather than ignoring the change in the President's stance on North Korea, he actually brought it into the open, allowing the viewer to understand that the President has changed his mind on the matter and is taking a different approach. He later takes the side of the Democrat on the Supreme Court nomination process, and completely goes against the party line once again.

This particular show demonstrated something that Dayside does not usually show: truth, honesty, and a separation from the usual Republican talking-points. It was absolutely refreshing to watch, and let's hope Jerrick keeps up the good work in days to come!

Reported by Janie