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What Happens When Bullies Debate?

Reported by Deborah - July 25, 2005

Hannity On The Radio

Ann Coulter and Brent Bozell had a debate today about John Roberts on Hannity's radio show. Seems like the united right is breaking up over John Roberts and Coulter actually stated that she was "enraged with the President" for this appointment. Hannity who devours any Democrat questioning a Bush appointment was the soul of civility saying things like, "Tell Republicans to take a close look at Roberts. That's just the smart thing to do." Even more frightening was the sound of Bozell and Coulter calmly airing their differing opinions without anger or venom. Was it the absence of Democrats that created this rare atmosphere of cooperation?

Coulter shared that she told Alberto Gonzalez she didn't care what George Bush did to this country. "All we want is the court."Hannity or Bozell tried to comfort her saying that Roberts worked for Reagan and was loved by Ken Starr but that didn't console her.

Coulter's complaint was that she had no way of knowing how he will handle Roe v Wade which is all she seems to care about. The fact that Roberts has avoided saying anything controversial disturbed Coulter who thinks that's a bad sign. Bozell was simply happy that Roberts would be confirmed. Hannity was surprisingly open to both sides of the debate but he was partial to the idea that Roberts would slip in and then show his true conservative nature later.

Comments: What they said was much less important than how they said it. After watching these three batter, disrespect, harangue, misrepresent and be totally hateful to Democrats with opposing views, their behavior today was curious. Do they hate Dems so much that they can't be civil to them? All three are bullies, so why wasn't there a rush for dominance? If a Democrat walked in, would they jump him and beat him up? Do they have any friends on the left or have they dehumanized them to facilitate hate?

The most horrible thing about this experience was the realization that the divisions in this country are insane and out of control. Where is it going from here? The possibilities are really alarming.

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