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On Inbreeding, Sucking on Lamb Chops & Hating the Constitution

Reported by Melanie - July 20, 2005

Watching the first half hour of Your World w/Neil Cavuto today made me feel like my head was in a metal drum and six or seven people were pounding on it with baseball bats. Instead of composing a 25-page post, I thought I'd tell you the highlights, which, hopefully, will give you a good idea of why my ears are still ringing.

In the show intro, Cavuto said Mark Levin, a "uber-legal wiz" would be coming up to tell us how something happens to Supreme Court appointees "when they go to the high court. A lot of them go out of their minds."

Lt. General Tom McInerney (Ret.) was Cavuto's first guest. He was on to talk about the bomb plot Saudi Arabia foiled today. McInerney quickly moved to "Mecca and Medina wahhabism that they are exporting around the world." McInerney said "they call it an ideology, not a religion;" they need to have a "Reformation." "Christianity did it."

Bo Dietl (who was on just ten days ago) came next. The title of the segment was, "Playing Too Nice?" and it was about terrorism and Saudi Arabia too.

Cavuto opened by saying that Dietl thinks we're "pussyfooting over political correctness" when it comes to Saudi Arabia and he asked Dietl if we were "doing all the wrong things."

Dietl, not the most articulate person, began: "Well, you know, the word wananism [sic], I can't say it right and I really don't care how you say it, all I know what it's all about." He said the fundamentalists behind Al Qaeda, "want to wipe everybody out unless you believe their beliefs, so we're dealing with someone that wants to wipe us out."

Dietl said he has been to Saudi Arabia, to Riyadh and Jeddah, "the whole joint over there, boppin' around. You got a bunch of people, about 9,00 what they call royal family. They're all inbreeds. They marry each other and half of them are mongoleze [sic], and all that kind of stuff."

Dietl again, about Saudi Arabia: "They got oil, we need oil, we should go over there and take the oil. Everyone hates us anyway in these Muslim countries."

Dietl said Muslims believe that if a bullet is dipped in pig's blood, "if they get shot with it and they get killed, they can't go to never never land with the 72 virgins." Dietl suggested all our troops in Iraq start dipping their bullets in pig's blood, they tell the world that they're doing it, and maybe that'll help.

Dietl said he just met with John Meyer's son, "just back from Flueeja [sic]. I keep sayin' the wrong words. I don't even want to say these words because I hate the places anyway." Dietl said Meyer's son told him that when they attacked that town (Fallujah), "they went in and they found more syringes, they found more crystal meth," that "not besides being religious they're all jacked up on all kinda drugs there." Dietl said sometimes "they gotta shoot three or four times to take them out. This is our problem with dealing with real crazies. What do you do with a mad dog? You put a bullet in a mad dog's head."

Dietl said he met Prince Abdullah "about 20 years ago." He said, "they were sucking on some lamb chops and stuff - they eat for 15 hours there." They sit at long tables and "all they do is stuff their faces, then they marry their first cousins or their brother or their sister."

Next came a news break in which the only news was about the London bombings. After that came a roundtable about how terror affects the stock market. Cavuto cut to a break asking why we aren't hearing about corporate profits and wondering, "is there bias in the media?"

Next came Mark Levin, a super-conservative, the "uber-legal wiz," Cavuto mentioned at the top of the show. The title of the segment was "Will He Change?" It was about whether Bush's Supreme Court nominee will "go out of his mind" if and when he becomes a justice, and, like others, "veer wildly off what their pickers thought," as Cavuto said.

Levin said if a president uses a "PC" standard instead of a philosophical one they tend to do that. He said he's heard some people say that John Roberts has "only been on the bench for two years. Well, whose fault is that! The liberals blocked him for 13 years!"

He said, "These left wing groups, your audience have to understand, these are ACLU front groups. Many of them are funded by George Soros and Barbara Streisand and Ted Turner." He said if you think "due process rights ought to be conferred on the terrorist enemy in Guantanamo Gay, then listen to People for the American Way" and the "Alliance for Justice. They are to the left of the left."

He said he heard a "liberal Senator talk about the living and breathing Constitution, which means they don't believe in the Constitution at all."

Cavuto asked if it was "the water" that made justices change after they got on the bench and Levin said it was "power." He said they exist in a "cloistered environment." They should get out and travel the country in an RV during the summer like Clarence Thomas does, which he thought was a "much better idea than meeting with other justices in Sweden."

Levin said their "audience is largely professors, law review articles, typical elitists and leftists." He said "there are two camps here, one that believes in the Constitution and one that does not." If you "listened to Kennedy you heard that today."

At the end of the segment Cavuto said, we've "got Ted Kennedy on line one for you." Levin said, "Was he slurring his speech?"

Comment: How does one even begin to comment on simpleminded, hate-filled rhetoric like this which passes for "fair and balanced news" these days?

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