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Hypocrisy Kings Find Common Ground

Reported by Deborah - July 20, 2005

Bill O'Reilly interviewed Rick Santorum last night and agreed that Boston liberalism could have caused a higher percentage of child abuse cases in the Boston Archdiocese. After all, isn't Harvard right there? O'Reilly inquired about the surprising revelation that Santorum's senior spokesman was Gay accepting Santorum's prepared statement of tolerance without question. After congratulating Santorum for appearing, O'Reilly spoke to Barney Frank with the opposing view and gave him a very hard time.

Frank was prepared to refute Santorums claim that Boston had a higher percentage of cases but O'Reilly kept arguing with him trying to make the case that the permissive environment in Boston encourages Preist pedophilia. Bill claimed that a liberal environment, like Boston, is more accepting making it easier for people to rationalize their behavior.

Frank, understandably, was not happy reminding O'Reilly that the abused kids were victims who have suffered . Frank brought up Santorum's homophobic comments and O'Reilly claimed he had never heard them demanding the source from Frank. Frank mentioned the Associated Press as a source and O'Reilly dismissed it claiming the AP is always wrong.

Frank went on a little longer trying to enlighten O'Reilly about Santorum but it was no use. "Maybe he's evolving," was his final defense of Santorum.

Comment: Santorum and O'Reilly are two peas in a pod. Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum a ranting and raving homphobe sees nothing strange in having a Gay Senior Spokesman. He claims it's the homosexual act and not the person that's the problem.

Bill "la loofah" O'Reilly recently involved in a very sleazy sexual scandal where he was in the predatory role has taken on the job of great societal reformer. Besides writing a book for teens about their emerging sexuality, he lectures Governors about their sexual predator laws.
Maybe O'Reilly should have claimed that the liberal environment in New York caused him to sexually harrass his young producer. Isn't Columbia University right there?

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