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Birth Of A Right Wing Smear Campaign

Reported by Deborah - July 12, 2005

Sean Hannity interviewed Julianne Malveaux on his radio show and in 12 hours her comments were taken out of context, distorted, distilled and featured as a major story on Fox&Friends. ED Hill managed to express her outrage about the comments very soon after coming on F&F at 7AM ET . Later in the show Steve Doocey mentioned Malveaux to Bernard Goldberg, smear master, who used her as an example of someone who is ruining our country before he moved on to plug his hateful book.

Throughout the Malveaux interview, Hannity was badgering, harrassing and leading Malveaux to make certain statements. Malveaux was trying to make an historical point about the nature of terrorism in this country pointing to treatment of Native Americans and African Americans as examples. Hannity jumped on her with his machine gun questioning technique never giving her an opportunity to adequately explain herself.
"Are you a terrorist?"
"Is this a terrorist country?"
"Is George Bush a terrorist?"

Then Hannity led into one of his favorite attack techniques which he uses on H&C frequently breaking the argument down into the most elementary form. Once agin badgering Malveaux, he kept asking her if America was good or bad? Malveaux tried to explain that it was both but Hannity kept at her until she replied, "It's a country."

News Max had the prepared smear comments posted within a few hours and this morning ED Hill read them in disbelief saying about Malveaux,

" Sometimes you think you know a person... This is so far over the line, you don't see the line."

When Steeve Doocey suggested that Julianne Malveaux could be in Goldberg's book, he replied,
" This is precisely what this book is about."

comment: Malveaux was set up in advance. Hannity worked her, hoping to get a really good quote to pass on to the media death squad but at the least, he would have used her in some way. Let's see if she becomes a diversion from the Rove issue which was reported openly this AM on F&F.

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