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Battling Liberals With Truth And Logic

Reported by Deborah - July 11, 2005

Hannity On The Radio
There's this cartoon voiced announcer on Hannity's Radio Show booming to listeners, " Battling Liberals With Truth and Logic, Sean Hannity".
Today Julianne Malveaux was the designated Liberal for Hannity to defeat but there was no truth or logic evident in his attack. Certainly if Malveaux had known what Hannity had planned for her she probably would have declined the invitation.

Hannity was outraged about a tongue in cheek comment Malveux made in response to a cutting remark from Clarence Thomas many years ago. It wasn't earth shattering when first said but Hannity dug it up and used it over and over.

Clarence Thomas claimed that he wanted to live to be 120 so he could continue to plague Black Liberals. Malveux quipped that she hoped he was fed lots of cheese so he wouldn't live that long. ( Told you it wasn't earth shattering)

Hannity called it hateful and wanted to know if she apologized.He bragged to Malveax that he had a list of vicious comments made by liberals. When Malveax brought the conversation around to Gitmo, Hannity balked, "You're wishing that men die of heart disease."

There was no interview permitted. Malveax would speak and Hannity would talk over her accusing and attacking.
"Are you a terrorist?"
"Do you think George Bush is a terrorist?"
"Is America a good country?"
" That's why I brought you on to expose how angry and shrill you people on the left have become."

After the interview Hannity apologized to his listeners for being forced to listen to Malveaux explaining that he just wanted them to understand that liberals like Michael Moore, Al Franken and Ted Kennedy won't accept anyone that Bush chooses for the Supreme Court.

comment: Julianne Malveaux was soft spoken and friendly .She indicated that they had agreed that the Thomas comment would not be the focus but Hannity ignored her reminder.He used Malveaux like a bully uses a victim to impress his buddies.There was absolutely no truth and logic in this battle.

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