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Hannity Heaven

Reported by Ellen - July 6, 2005

Sean Hannity was in 7th Heaven last night when Hannity & Colmes hosted Bernard Goldberg, author of the new book 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. What could be better for Sean than having everyone he hates put together in one package? Only one thing - and he got that, too, last night: Blaming the hated for the hatred.

There were no surprises, at least not for me, in the names mentioned in Goldberg's book. Is there anyone who couldn't guess that the top offender is Michael Moore? Or that the list would also include Ted Kennedy and Al Franken? The only surprise is that nobody mentioned the Clintons. That must have been an oversight on Hannity's part. No Democrat-bash would be complete without the Clintons, the uber-villains.

Also missing from the interview was any mention of the fact that Goldberg's book just happens to be published by HarperCollins, a sister company of FOX News.

Judging from the excerpts read by Alan Colmes, the book is nothing but a vitriolic attack on those Goldberg doesn't like. For example, Colmes said that there is only one word under Courtney Love, "Ho." Under Tim Robbins, Colmes said it says, "You plug in arrogant, know-it-all, whiny windbag into Google, his name comes up."

When Colmes questioned Goldberg's civility, he answered, jokingly, "You think that's uncivil? If I wanted to be uncivil, I would have put YOU in the book and called you a ho."

Ha ha.

According to Goldberg, it's the fault of those he attacks for being attacked. He said that the country has gotten nastier and more selfish but "there's a tendency to believe that it just happened, that society just evolved this way and nobody's really to blame. It's not true. There are people to blame and that's what this book is about - 100 people who I'm blaming for it."

Not surprisingly, Hannity gushed that everyone in the audience should "go buy this book. Because there's enough research on all of these people that you will use over and over again... I have been making the point lately... the left is so shrill... and so angry and out of control."

The only evidence of any research in the book was done by someone else. Goldberg cited John Leo, of US News, who did some kind of experiment with a Google search. He Googled "Bush is a Nazi" and came up with 420,000 hits. Then, according to Goldberg, he did a Google search of "Hitler was a Nazi" and got about 700,00. Goldberg crowed, "Except Hitler WAS a Nazi and he had a 75-year head start."

So what does this prove? Nothing, as Alan Colmes said, and Goldberg didn't say otherwise.

Goldberg said, "Nobody is on this list because of their liberal politics," a remark that made Colmes start laughing.

Goldberg defended himself against Colmes who said he would have considered it a badge of honor to have been included in the list. Goldberg said, "I don't call anyone in the book a Nazi. I don't call anyone a fascist. I don't call anyone the 'f' word."

AC: You mean like Dick Cheney did?

Bernard Goldberg, demonstrating another aspect of his civility and lack of shrillness said that Cheney's comment to Senator Leahey was "a long overdue suggestion."

Hannity: This is a great book... I love the book

Comment: Readers, feel free to come up with your own list of the People Who Are Screwing Up America. Just make sure Sean Hannity is on it, please!

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