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Great Americans Only

Reported by Deborah - July 5, 2005

Hannity On The Radio
Every afternoon for three hours, Sean Hannity holds court on the radio. When Hannity takes a call, the fan will usually start off with the special greeting, "You're a great American" and then some sort of liberal lament will follow. When Hannity interviews guests, the conversation will always end up in the same place and the rhetoric heard from this protected cocoon is invariably harsh and unforgiving for all Democrats who have been totally dehumanized by the daily barrage of unchecked allegations and distortions.

Today Orrin Hatch entered the bubble to talk about Democrats and the judicial appointments without worrying about the ramifications of what he said since he's "a great American" too.

Hannity started their chat with the usual lines about how Democrats have no right to an opinion since they lost the election. Hatch added that he hasn't seen any courtesy expressed by the Democrats throughout this process.

Then Hannity identified the enemies by name making sure listeners remember their unforgivable deeds . Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy were followed with an unsubstaniated accusation that Chuck Schumer is using the issue to raise money and don't ever forget Dick Durbin.
Hatch accused Democrats of "distorting the process" and wondered how the media allows them to get away with it.

Hatch praised Alberto Gonzalez as a decent man trying to calm Hannity's concerns that he wasn't an "originalist." Hatch ended his chat with this inflammatory statement.
" People are sick of the widespread extermination of unborn human beings."

Hannity took a few more calls from liberal bashing fans and then he gave one of his little commentaries that pepper his radio show.This one was about William Schultz, Amnesty International. Speaking directly to Schultz he launched an attack.

"I watched you getting your head handed to you on Fox. What you did was disgraceful."

Of course, Schultz, just like all the other people he rips apart on the radio without a care, was not on hand to defend himself. That's what makes his bubble so intoxicating and the face to face opposition encountered on H&C so difficult for him to handle rationally.

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