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Imagine That - Osama bin Laden's In Iran! (Get Ready for the Next War)

Reported by Melanie - June 14, 2005

If you're like me, you think that watching Fox News can be like watching a sneak preview of what the Bush administration has in store for us. That's why I found the the first segment today (June 14, 2005) on Fox's premiere "business news" program, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, pretty darn terrifying. It featured two guests who said they had "unequivocal proof" that Osama bin Laden is in Iran, that Iran is "killing Americans every day in Iraq," that "al-Zarqawi is an Iranian government agent," and that we "can't tolerate this any longer." Fasten your seat belts, everyone, and get ready for the next war.

Cavuto introduced Lt. Gen. Paul Vallely, a vicious hawk and a "Fox News contributor," and Ken Timmerman, (note where he hangs out), with: It may sound odd but "if my next guests are right, it could be true. Osama bin Laden's hardly lying low but may be living large in, of all countries, Iran, with the full faith, backing, and financial support of Iran." Joining me are two men who "claim to have irrefutable information as to the exact location of Osama bin Laden."

Vallely spoke first. He said he got some "very good corroborative evidence delivered in February of this year," which he "passed on to the government," indicating that bin Laden "has not been in the tribal lands" of eastern Afghanistan or western Pakistan, but that his "very credible source was with bin Laden in November of last year in Iran."

Timmerman said he's "been tracking bin Laden's whereabouts with Iranian defectors," people who had "high-level positions in the Iranian regime" and they've come forward with "very similar information." Timmerman said there "was a meeting last year in November" between bin Laden's "number two" man, al-Zawahri, "in northern Iran with senior Iranian leaders."

Cavuto asked why Iran would "risk this," and Timmerman said, "I don't think the Iranians feel they're risking anything." He said their meetings are held under "very close hold" and "they don't feel they're about to be discovered." He said he learned about the meetings from a "senior member of Iranian intelligence, I would call him an Iranian patriot," who provided Timmerman with "material corroborating those meetings."

Cavuto asked what we should do "if we knew unequivocally that what you guys are saying was right"?

Vallely said we should recall the "Bush doctrine," that "if you're supporting a terrorist, you are a terrorist," and Iran "is the center of terror today." (My emphasis.) Vallely said Iran is "supporting the operations of Zarkawi in Iraq, they're feeding the pipeline financially to Hezbollah and into Syria." He said they "don't care" because they can "play cat and mouse with us all day long" and they know that and that's what they're "doing on the nuclear program as well."

Cavuto, ever eager to turn up the heat asked, "are they just tempting us?" Timmerman said no, that he thinks they "truly feel invulnerable." He said he has "50 pages" of documents at the end of his book that "shows, among other things that there is a steady pattern of cooperation between Iran's intelligence and Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda."

Cavuto asked if we should invade. Timmerman said "we don't need to invade Iran. We've got a tremendous asset in the Iranian people." He said they are "fed up with the mullahs," and they think "the clerics should go away, they've invaded their country." Cavuto argued that "we've said that for years," and Timmerman said, "but we've never supported them. We have never given material assistance to the pro-democracy forces in Iran. They're very strong. They need our help."

Vallely said "we need a strong policy statement now." He said we have "got to really take on Iran diplomatically," and "lay down some really strong things that they've got to meet."

Cavuto said, "let's get to your pretty explosive point" that "you have unequivocal proof" that "Osama bin Laden's touring the Iranian soil." Vallely interrupted: "And he's been there for a year and a half." Cavuto continued, "he's not hiding out there?" Valley: "He is there. He's got sanctuaries. There's one south of Tehran, there's other safehouses, he's moving around." Cavuto reminded viewers of the big bounty on bin Laden's head but Valley said "it means nothing over there."

Timmerman said "they are sheltering him. They feel they can use bin Laden to attack America." He said, "they are killing Americans every day in Iraq and the Iranians are proud at doing this." He said they're "not getting caught because they're using cutouts. They're using somebody like Zarkawi." He said "Zarkawi is an Iranian government agent and he's killing Americans in Iraq."

Vallely wrapped up the segment with: "We need a policy, Neil, that's the key thing. We've gotta go after it. We can't tolerate this any longer."

Comment: Yesterday the Daily Camera newspaper in Boulder, Colorado, published an editorial that I posted about here. At the end of that editorial, the Camera wrote: "No doubt that the administration has something up its sleeve to counteract the plummeting polls. They're good at this stuff. Let's just hope it's not a military strike on, say, Iran." Amazing, isn't it, that with Bush's poll numbers at their lowest levels ever, suddenly we're talking about Osama bin Laden again?

But, never mind Osama bin Laden, he's not the issue here. He's the sales pitch, the carrot. The radical, wrong-wing, really, really, really! wants to invade Iran, and that's what's going on here. They appear to have finished their script and honed their talking points. It looks like they're off and running. Get ready.

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