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5/23/05 Big Story GOP Propaganda Item #3: Bashing Howard Dean In The Form Of A Question

Reported by Ellen - May 24, 2005 -

While I have yet to see a Big Story segment questioning any statement by the president or other prominent member of the GOP, the show never seems to tire of asking leading questions about Howard Dean. Substitute host Judge Andre Napolitano started off yesterday's segment by asking "Is Governor Dean helping the Democratic party" with his attacks on Republicans? Can you imagine a "big question" asking "Are President Bush's sinking poll numbers helping the Republican party?"

Democratic Strategist Rich Masters opened with the predictable FOX News Democratic backpedal by saying, "Governor Dean showed why he's not President Dean because he sometimes has a chance to speak exactly his mind." Masters went on to make a good point, however, by comparing Republican criticism on the filibuster with Secretary of State Rice going to Iraq to make sure that the Sunni Arabs - the minority - have a voice in the Iraq government.

Substitute host Judge Napolitano quickly interrupted, saying he didn't want to get too far off the subject of Dean Comment: You can bet that anything that makes Republicans look bad will be "too far off the subject." Turning to the other guest, Michael Reagan, Napolitano asked the "fair and balanced" question, "Is he the best thing that happened to the Republican Party in the past six months?"

Next question was for Masters, asked in a skeptical voice: "Is Governor Dean's tough-guy talk - Tom DeLay should go to jail, Rush Limbaugh deserves what happened to him - is that kind of talk going to bring people into the Democratic party? Is it going to win Democrats back who voted for George Bush in 2000 and 2004?"

Masters started to answer that Dean is not on the ballot but that his role is to build up the DNC and that he's doing exactly that. But Napolitano interrupted to say, "Mike says they're leaving in droves."

Napolitano: You have the governor of Arizona... a Democrat, unwilling to meet (Dean) in public. What's going on there?

Napolitano: Shouldn't the governor apologize to Rush Limbaugh for mocking his addiction to painkillers? And apologize to Tom DeLay for saying he's guilty before he's even been charged?"