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Hannity Style Coverage of Filibuster Debate

Reported by Deborah - May 18, 2005

Hannity gave Newsweek a backseat today making the Senate debate on the filibuster his issue du jour.This afternoon on his radio show he was watching the Senate debate providing his audience with some of the most unprofessional commentary imaginable.

After spotting Nancy Pelosi, Hannity wailed that he was getting sick.
"I'm going to projectile vomit!I don't know how much of this I can stand. Where's Hillary? Do you see Hillary?"
Noting that Charlie Rangel was in the group he announced that the crowd was all the hard core lefties. A few seconds later Hannity decided to stop watching claiming that he had to consider what his audience wanted.There was no mention of anything the Democrats might be saying.

Tonight on H&C the guest line up did not include any of the"lefties" that sickened him this afternoon so viewers were spared the sight of Hannity projectile vomiting into the camera.

Tonight's debate pair were Orrin Hatch and Ben Nelson,D. Nebraska who is part of a small group of Democrats working with 6 Republicans to encourage compromise. Nelson was the perfect Democrat to promote the Fox agenda saying that Democrats need to put bad feelings from the past behind them and work with the Republicans. Nelson said that he couldn't reveal the 6 Republicans and then immediatly mentioned John Mc Cain and John Warner.Even though Nelson was in Hannity's pocket, the familiar question was asked in a hostile tone.
"Are you embarrassed by your party?" he asked Nelson.

Dick Morris was the next player telling Hannity that the Democrats should filibuster until the whole country is mad at them. Hannity told him they were on the same page which is exactly why he was there in the first place. Morris did not mention Hillary once tonight making one suspect that he started a 12 step treatment plan for his nasty Clinton addiction in the niche of time.

Of course, the filibuster lie was told several times tonight.
"This hasn't happened in 214 years. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise."
As expected Colmes promptly gave a list of all the times judicial nominees have been blocked by Republicans in the past. Unfortunatly we all know that Hannity won't let a little thing like truth stop him from making the same false statement again and again until it infiltrates the minds of his viewers .

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