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The Spin Never Stops, & Neither Do The Lies

Reported by Nancy - May 4, 2005 -

Monday night (5/2) on Special Report, Brit Hume, his panel of "All-Stars" & Jim Angle all repeated the lie that Dems have not offered any alternative plan to Bush's SocSecScam. If they aren't lying about this, but are simply unaware of the existence of at least 4 alternate proposals, then they're the most ill-informed group of talking heads on the air.

6:11pm (ET) - Jim Angle reported on Cheney at a "town meeting" in Smyrna, GA (clip of Cheney, clip of Sen Chris Dodd D-CT, clip of Cheney) talking up Bush's SocSecScam. Angle repeated some of Cheney's talking points (e.g., workers would do better under indexing option) & showed another clip of Cheney. Angle said that Bush "says everything is open to negotiation" but so far Dems have rejected all proposals.

6:40pm (ET) - Hume read a teaser: how long can Dems maintain opposition to SocSecScam "without offering ideas of their own?"

6:43pm (ET) - Hume showed a clip of Chris Wallace "interviewing" [in quotes, because Wallace was interrupting & yelling more than interviewing] Sen PLeahy (D-VT) from Fox News Sunday. The "All-Stars" (MLiasson, CKrauthammer, MKondracke) & Hume then discussed how the Dems have allegedly offered no alternatives to proposals from Bush re SocSec. Hume started it off by noting that this alleged strategy "seens to be working for" Dems. Kondracke chimed in that GOPs "ought to get after" Dems for not having anything to say, because Bush "has made it clear there's a problem." He claimed that Leahy never answered Wallace's question [as noted, Wallace kept interrupting & the clip was only a portion of the interview, so there's no way to tell whether Leahy did or did not answer the question]. Liasson tried to say something about Leahy being "unclear" but there was a lot of cross-talk, & then Kondracke noted that Dems keep "talking about privatization" but "it's PARTIAL privatization" [oh, well, that's different then]. When Liasson finally got an opening, her contribution was to wonder "which will happen first", whether Dems will "be forced to come up with a plan" or whether GOPs will "not rally around" Bush. Krauthammer sneered that if GOPs endorse Bush's plan, Dems won't offer an alternative because Dems think it's "much better to be obstructionists" & say GOPs want to cut benefits [well, duh: the truth hurts]. He repeated the "obstructionist" phrase, & then, in an excess of silliness, claimed that Dems "lured the President into offering a solution" just so they could say "no". Kondracke claimed that a recent Carville & Greenberg poll showed a decline in GOP approval ratings but no increase in Dem approval ratings because Dems "have nothing to offer on any issue." Liasson did a Rumsfeld imitation, claiming that some of the political ramifications of all of this are "unknowable" until the midterm elections.

COMMENT: Forget for a moment the basic dishonesty of agreeing with the assertion that SocSec is broken & needs to be fixed (plenty of people don't agree). Dems have already offered a number of proposals to "fix" the system's perceived inadequacies. Rep David Obey (D-WI) has a plan (introduced last year, & endorsed by former SocSec Commissioner Robert Ball) that would use the estate tax to fix the projected shortfall. Rep Martin Sabo (D-MN) also has a proposal he introduced almost 2 months ago. Before that, Reps Peter DeFazio (D-OR) & Jerry Nadler (D-NY) each had different proposals. Those are proposals that *I* know about, & I'm no "Washington Insider". The person who has not introduced a concrete proposal is Bush.

In the Credit-Where-Credit-Is-Due Dept, at 6:39pm (ET) - Hume read a correction to a statement he had made after Bush's press conference last week: ABC, not Fox (as he originally claimed), was the last broadcaster to leave Bush's press conference. [Comment: if he'd do this for all the lies, distortions & "mis-statements" uttered on his program, there'd be no time for him to spin new "stories"].

NOTE TO READERS: Please stay on topic (Hume & Special Report lying about whether Dems -- or anyone else, for that matter -- have offered alternatives to Bush's SocSecScam). O/T comments will be deleted. Please use the O/T category from the list at right to post unrelated comments. Thanks.