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Subtle, constant partisanship on Special Report

Reported by Chrish - April 14, 2005

It would be too time-consuming to document all the subtle and not-so-sublte jabs and digs at Democrats on Special Report 4/14/05...I'd have to transcribe the whole show.

Major Garrett, covering the movement forward on judicial nominee Thomas Griffith, chose to emphasize the nominees who have NOT been approved yet by the Senate Judiciary Committee. He said Bush muted his criticism of the judiciary but turned it up on Senate Democrats (clip of Bush complaining over the nominees not approved, now 9 out of 224).

Telling us Senate Republican leaders may soon seek a rules change we were shown part of a TV commercial aimed at wavering Republicans, which in essence said "the president believes judges should not impose political views, but his nominees are being blocked by minority liberal Senators", then given the organization's name, and a clip of their lawyer/spokesperson Wendy Long urging viewers to call their Senators and support the new rules.

James Rosen, on the nomination of John Bolton to the UN Ambassadorship, said Democrats are still probing four other cases of possible (his emphasis) concern that may amount to nothing - a major effort that will come to naught if it doesn't change the mind/vote of RI Senator Lincoln Chaffee.

Jonathan Hunt did essentially the same report as on Studio B this afternoon, still hanging all his hopes on "that unnamed UN official."

Brit Hume told us poor Tom DeLay wants to push for an ethics process that protects members from runaway partisanship. From Delay's own mouth, "We do want to protect the integrity of the institution but as important as that is we also want to protect the rights of its members." Comment: You are not being investigated because of your party, Tom; it's because you are an opportunistic conniving sleazebag.

Campaign Carl rehashed Bush's talking points on the scheme formerly known as Social Security privatization, interspersed with clips of the salesman-in-chief lecturing us on (of all things!) math.

The second half-hour continued in this all-too-familiar vein - criticize Democrats and build support for Republicans, even the notorious Tom DeLay (the "everybody does it" defense was mounted regarding his campaign's paying his wife and daughter $500,000.00 for consulting services, with comparisons made to an AZ-R paying a son $20,000 as the sole employee of a PAC, and CA-D paying a son $130,000 over 4 years for his PAC work.) Democrats are stalling more than judges; 3 agency appointments are being held up. Seymour Hersch fudged some stories...(but did he lie about WMDs?)

Full to my eyeballs of Dem-denigrating and Republican-forgiving, I had to skip the All-Star panel today.

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