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Bankruptcy Bill gets 15 seconds "Headline" at top of Special Report

Reported by Chrish - April 14, 2005

At the top of the hour on Special Report 4/14/05 Uma Pemmaraju read "Congress passes a sweeping reform of bankruptcy laws. It will make it now more difficult to get rid of debts from bankruptcy filings. Instead, people will have to work out payment plans. The bill passed the Senate last night and now goes to president Bush, who is expected to sign it. Opponents are saying it is too harsh."

Michael Jackson got 150% of that time, 22 seconds.

Comment: Fox viewers remain woefully uninformed about the imminent insult to be added after they suffer a devastating medical injury or lengthy illness. That headline was the only mention of the bankruptcy bill during the entire show, not surprising after all the NON-coverage of its origins, contents and effects.

If people had even this synopsis (from Democrats.com) they might have involved themselves more in the decision-making process:

It will change current law and prevent you from declaring bankruptcy under Chapter 7, which pays off your debts by liquidating your assets. Instead, it would force you into Chapter 13 with a rigid 5-year repayment plan. You would no longer be able to protect your car and home, and you would have to pay greater legal fees.

Simply put, you would become a debt slave...

When the Senate passed this bill, it rejected a dozen crucial changes to make the bill humane - such as exemptions for serious medical problems, exemptions for those in the military, an interest rate limit of 30%, protecting the homes of the elderly, and comparably strict treatment of those who are rich.

Fox's lack of coverage of the content and effect of this bill, before it passed, contributed to voter apathy and passage, which is much appreciated by the credit card companies and their pals in the Bush administration.

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