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Hannity Could Be Out Of A Job

Reported by Deborah - April 13, 2005

Tonight on H&C Hannity, claiming that Democrats will do anything to get their way, played two very short clips of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid objecting to the Republican plan to create a one party government by eliminating the filibuster in the Senate.

So if Republicans succeed and there is no opportunity for the minority party to express dissent,Hannity and the other hate jockeys will have nothing to debate because the opposing party will be silenced, powerless and no longer an enemy of the righteous ones.

Nancy Pelosi today talked about the Republican abuse of power and the impact this is having on Americans who are having difficulty affording necessities like gas and prescription drugs. Harry Reid called on the more moderate and responsible Republicans to stand up against the radical Republicans on this issue.

Hannity and Michael Reagan used their predictable and worn tactic of painting the Democrats as obstructionists because they have not approved 10 judges out of 214 that Bush has nominated.Michael Reagan did his bombastic routine about how the filibuster has never been used before to block judicial nominees.Reagan bickered over Masters and Colmes to try to stop them from stating some facts until the segment was over.

Comment: Hannity, of course, would not allow the discussion to evolve into a realistic appraisal of the ramifications of the Republican plan. If the Republicans succeed, our Democracy is gone.The judges are a small part of this potential disaster. Hannity didn't want Colmes or Masters to mention the 204 Judges already confirmed by the Democrats because he knows that the confirmations are the false issue used by the radical right to gain total power of the government.

So what would Hannity and Colmes be like if the Nuclear Option became reality. Would Hannity be justified to wail about Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or Ted Kennedy. Their comments would be absolutely meaningless because their vote would be worthless in the Republican Senate.The powerless Democrats would no longer be the convenient scapegoat of the right and Republicans would finally be forced to take responsibility for the mess they have created here and around the world. There would be no need for Hannity to carry water for the White House because the approval of the public would have no importance. Maybe there would be no need for Hannity at all if the neo cons get their wish.

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