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Two down, one to go: Judicial branch right-wingers' last target

Reported by Chrish - April 2, 2005

Fox took precious time away from video of St. Peter's Square in Rome for a segment calling for "reform" of the judiciary after right-wing Christian conservatives rallied around Tom DeLay to "increase and toughen oversight over judiciary". Special Report with Chris Wallace subbing for Brit Hume 4/1/05.

Upset by the outcome in the Schindler-Schiavo family matter, "activists are vowing to lobby Congress for rules to protect incapacitated patients without a living will."

Major Garrett reported "To those who fought for Terri Schiavo...only new laws will prevent her from dying in vain." Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition said (essentially), this is a human rights issue! This is a civil rights issue! We need federal and state legislation to protect the civil and human rights of the disabled! (Ha, as if that's going to score points in this administration.)

A spokeswoman from "Concerned Women for America" said this just underscores the need for legislators to take a closer look at the difference between the terminally ill and the merely disabled. In the greatest of ironies, she was wearing a gray suit.

Mahoney then said "the ultimate goal is to see that food and water be removed as extraordinary medical care."

Major reported that we can expect to NOT see legislation this year because of public backlash against Congress for their involvement in the Schiavo case.

However Garrett reported that "Hill Republicans led by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will move on legislation to deal with what they call "activist federal judges".

Delay is shown speaking: "this Congress and our Judiciary committee has already announced hearings on the definition of good behavior (lol! more irony) that is written in the Constitution. The Congress of the US has for many many years shirked its responsibility to hold the judiciary accountable. No longer."

Garrett: "Conservative activists called on Congress to impeach some federal judges, an option rarely used and reserved for corruption cases or gross misconduct."

Robert Knight of the Culture and Family Institute said "I think the time is past for the idea that impeachment is the nuclear option that could never be used, because these are extraordinary times."

Garrett again: "Republicans tell Fox impeachment is nowhere near the top of their agenda. What is, they say, is to increase and toughen of oversight of federal judicial practices and rulings."

Comment: I would like to suggest they turn all this energy towards educating our youth about the dangers of eating disorders and the importance of a living will. Keep your religion and your fears out of my death.

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