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Fox viewer thinks Hannity too moderate

Reported by Chrish - March 26, 2005

We receive a surprising number of g-mails obviously intended for the personalities at Fox News. Nancy has posted a sampling or two to give our readers a peek at what we see. This letter, with the subject line "You need to read this and ask for forgivness Mr Hannity", gave us such an eyeful we decided to share it in entirety, with personal information omitted.
Fox defenders, this is the company you keep!

"Dear friends in Christ,
I am very tired of your show Hannity & Colmes portraying we of faith (Brothers
Robert H**** and Benny H**** & Myself) who DO HEAL THE SICK as crackpots and rip-offs. You
have offended My honor and I am lodging a complaint. I would like to send
you a copy of my radio show and you can hear for yourself what God does
through me and to my listeners, if you have no fear of being shown the REAL
power of the Lord then tell me where I can send you a CD of My show. Are you
all afraid? you want to know Gods will? Well it comes through me not your
namby pamby ignorant filled messages. How can you call yourself a real
republican? I am offended that you think your right wing. God is finally
getting this country back on track with Brother Bush leading the way, while
you act as if you support him I sense underneath you think you could do
better. I am here to tell you that George W. Bush is anointed and appointed
By God himself, he will lead us to Victory over the ignorant Muslims and
anti-Christ like Insurgents. We asked our followers to Vote republican and
they did, GOD HAS Spoken on the issue through me and I think its time
America and Mr. Hannity heard what the Lord really thinks, are you afraid to
hear Gods words? I can prove that I heal folks, can you? What have you done
for anyone lately Mr. Hannity? Send me the address and I will ship this out
to you pronto, you will be shocked and amazed at the healings, that's
because you media folks think you know everything, it seems that American
Media don't need God anymore they worship the dollar, well I am here to set
your spirit straight! God does love you all and has a plan if you and the
rest of the so called republicans want to hear it, you think your right
wing? Son I invented Right wing when you were a twinkle in your daddies
Eyes, Only God & I can make that happen, I am Americas Republican Prophet,
you will know my power is real. If I cant heal everyone (that's Right)
EVERYONE who calls in to your show then I will go on air and admit that I am
a fake, I know that wont happen. GOD IS WITH ME AND I WITH HIM, I have a CD
with your name on it, Put your show where your mouth is! In Christian Love,
Reverend Barney W**** Americas TRUE Republican Prophet Author & Faith Healer
To make a donation please send your gift of Love to: THE **** ****, (address deleted).
We now Accept Cash, Checks, Gold, Money orders Cashiers Checks, Stocks, Bonds,
Foodstamps and car titles You even get to keep the Car PRAISE GOD!"

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