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Radical Christian, Anti-Gay Activist and Schiavo Spokesperson Randall Terry Jokes About Being Homosexual

Reported by Ellen - March 25, 2005

Randall Terry, spokesperson for the Schindler family, was a guest on Alan Colmes' radio program last night as a follow-up to his aborted (pun intended) interview the night before on Hannity & Colmes. Colmes confronted Terry about his irrational statements about Terri Schiavo and about his past as a radical anti-abortion crusader. I found Terry's answers inconsistent and bizarre, especially when this supposed ultra-Christian made a joke about being Colmes' homosexual lover.

Colmes opened the interview by asking Terry about the latest appeal of the Schindler family. Terry rejected the findings made by umpteen judges that Terri Schiavo is in an unrecoverable, persistent vegetative state. He spoke about a doctor who claims Terri Schiavo "complained verbally" when a stick was pushed on her back by Dr. William Hammesfahr (a doctor who claims he can treat Terri Schiavo).

Colmes pointed out that doctors have previously said on Colmes' program that making moaning noises is consistent with someone in a persistent vegetative state.

Randall responded by trying to discredit the doctors who testified in court about her case and playing up the quite dubious reputation of Dr. Hammesfahr. Terry said, "The people that did examine her - two of 'em were hired. The other one was appointed by the court. And none of them, NONE treat these type of patients... Dr. Hammesfahr treats these patients."

Colmes quickly said that Dr. Hammesfahr's "credibility is of great question" and pointed out, among other things, Dr. Hammesfahr's false claim to have been nominated for a Nobel prize.

Terry didn't deny Hammesfahr's false Nobel claim but insisted Hammesfahr is "a genius" who is the victim of a smear campaign (comment: as if one was needed!). Terry said, "There are people here - on the site tonight... family members are bringing their handicapped children who are now talking and moving who weren't before they had Dr. Hammesfahr's treatment."

Colmes: You know as well as I do he could not provide to the court when he was asked by Judge Greer to name case histories, to name people in similar situations who've been cured - he couldn't do it... That's what Greer's decision says."

Terry: Alan, he had 50 people in the court who traveled here at their own expense who had been treated by him and had become much better than they were and Judge Greer would not listen to one...

Colmes quoted from Greer's decision that there was a "total absence of supporting case studies or medical literature suggesting therapies could be useful." The judge said that Hammesfahr testified that he treated patients worse off than Mrs. Schiavo but offered no case studies, no videos, no test results.

Terry didn't deny that. He said, "(Hammesfahr) had 50 people in the court and (Judge Greer) wouldn't let them talk."

From there, Colmes moved on to Terry's radical past. Referring to a story about Terry on 60 Minutes, Colmes asked, "Did you pray for the execution of an abortion doctor."

Terry: No... The bottom line is, I never said it.

Colmes then read a quote from a New York Times article dated 8/14/93. "I hope some day (the abortion doctor) is tried for crimes against humanity and I hope he's executed."

Terry: I did say that, absolutely. I don't feel that way any more.

Colmes: You promote the culture of life, you're promoting the culture of life in this case, you call yourself pro-life and you're calling for the execution of an abortion doctor.

Terry said that at the time, he looked at it like a Nuremburg trial where you could be guilty of a crime even if you weren't breaking the law. But he doesn't feel that way any more.

Terry interrupted the questioning (and neatly tried to change the subject) by asking Colmes, "Are you drinking Red Bull... You're like on drugs... Are you snorting coke? I think that it's time that you and I just admit to the whole world that's listening that we used to be homosexual lovers, we had a fight and now you're...

Colmes (interrupting): I know you're attracted to me, and I understand you're vehemently anti gay, you've spoken out against... and yet you have a gay son, from what I understand, don't you?

Terry (humbly): Yes, very heart-wrenching.

At the break, Terry he said he could not stay any longer. Colmes, sounding disappointed, asked if it was something he said.

Terry: No, not at all, but I'm looking forward to us... Never mind, I just want to have that beer with you some time when you're not so wired.

Comment: What kind of radical Christian makes jokes about having a homosexual relationship with someone - on national radio? There's plenty in Randall Terry's past that also doesn't quite match his religiosity. According to mediamatters.org, there are reports that Terry "was not paying a fair share of child support" and "he was censured by his church, the Landmark Church of Binghamton, New York, for a 'pattern of repeated and sinful relationships and conversations with both single and married women.'" With all the attention on the Schiavo case and the villification of Michael Schiavo, why isn't the "liberal media" putting more of a spotlight on this spokesperson? My heat goes out to the Schindler family but I think their spokesman deserves some real scrutiny.

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