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Blame The Dems No Matter What

Reported by Ellen - March 9, 2005

Even FOX News had to admit that Bush's "plan" for Social Security is not popular with Americans. That fact can be found in the latest FOX News poll (47% say it's a bad idea to allow people to invest in "personal" accounts, 40% say it's a good idea.) Other polls get the same results, according to an AP article reprinted on FOXNews.com called, GOP Pollsters: Personal Accounts Unpopular. But to read today's report on the FOX News website, accompanied by a video report by Jim Angle, you'd think the problem with Bush's plan is the "relentless Democratic attacks" on it.

There's no mention of the fact that, as AP reports, "The heart of President Bush's plan for Social Security, allowing younger workers to create personal accounts in exchange for a lower guaranteed government benefit, is among the least popular elements with the public." This result comes from Republican pollsters.

Instead, Angle and FOXNews.com stress the GOP scare-tactic that Social Security is in trouble. In Angle's video report, available on the internet, he just happens to play an ad by an "outside group" in support of Bush's plan. "Some people say Social Security is not in trouble. Just like some thought the Titanic was unsinkable." That line is also in the online printed article. The online video also includes the ad's line that "President Bush wants to rescue Social Security now, before we hit the iceberg." Somehow, Real Journalism Fair and Balanced FOX omits the fact that, as reported by the Kansas City Star, "Private investment accounts such as those President Bush endorses not only will not save Social Security, but they also could accelerate the retirement system's financial problems, a nonpartisan government official told Congress Wednesday."

Instead, FOX tries to make it look like the Democrats are the ones deepening the systems's financial problems by refusing to help the president avert disaster. Once again, FOX doesn't mention an important fact - that Social Security is hardly about to sink. See, for example, the non-partisan Factcheck.org analysis which shows that there is enough money to pay full benefits until 2042 and partial benefits until 2075.

Fox conveys that impression by cleverly reporting that "the ad argues" that "Social Security will get deeper and deeper into financial problems" that "some Democrats concede something should be done but not necessarily soon. They also insist that personal accounts must be off the table."

Comment: As Bush boasts about spreading democracy abroad, he ignores the public sentiment about social security here at home and insists on pushing his ideas down our throats no matter what. Luckily for him, he has FOX News to help justify, spin, and shill for him every step of the way.

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