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Listen Up, Dems: Guys Like Sean Hannity Want Power, Not Agreement!

Reported by Ellen - March 1, 2005

On last night's Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity, head cocked and squinty-eyed, looked sincerely into the camera and opened up a segment with sarcasm and derision about Howard Dean's remarks in Kansas (SH: Kerry got a whopping 32% of the vote in Kansas, Dean says he hates Republicans and that they're evil - a mischaracterization of what Dean meant, IMHO).

Democratic Strategist Richard Aborn was paired with Ann Coulter for the segment. Aborn began his commentary by immediately saying that Dean was wrong. "America benefits, the Democratic party benefits when we elevate this debate. There are huge issues... Let's have a debate on those things."

Hannity, like every bully, was not about to back off just because Aborn was being conciliatory (Comment: Why don't Dems get this? Guys like Hannity want power, not agreement). "Your leaders are all like him, they're mini-Deans."

Aborn, still trying to be conciliatory: No one benefits... certainly not the country when we sink down to this name calling.

Hannity, still in attack mode (See comment, above): This is your party. These are your leaders.... The rest of the party is happy to have these shrill, hysterical, angry, bitter liberals leading the way

Comment: Shrill, hysterical, angry and bitter? Sounds a lot like Hannity and Coulter, a point that seems to have escaped Aborn.

Coulter, flicking what looked like newly-highlighted hair, said that one woman in the Dean audience thought he was being too conservative and soft. Scornfully, Coulter said, "And she is a pre-school teacher.. pre-school teacher.. Right but the teacher. The pre-school teacher." She laughed her angry, mean-spirited laugh at her insult toward the teacher, even though it was never made clear what the insult was about.

Hannity, head still cocked to the same side, eyes still squinting sincerely, moved in for the attack again. "Are you embarrassed that these are the leaders of your party?"

Aborn, still looking for common ground that Hannity would never concede: I'm embarrassed when we sink into the mud...

Hannity: Which is now every other day...

Aborn (still not getting it) It's not every other day... There are some problems.

Comment: Aborn seemed like another one of those typical, nice Democrats, of which FOX News seems to have an endless supply, who never seem to realize that the host interviewer is not interested in a rational discussion but in winning at any cost.

PS At the end of the segment, Hannity's head was still cocked to the side. Somebody, get this man a chiropractor. My neck hurts just looking at him!

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