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O'Reilly Impugns Gov. Jim Doyle of Wisconsin in His Continuing Jihad Against Ward Churchill

Reported by Marie Therese - February 20, 2005

Bill O'Reilly is upset that there is one campus left in the United States that has not buckled under to pressure asserted by his goon squads and their terrorist tactics. The state is Wisconsin and the school is University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Ward Churchill is scheduled to speak there on March 1st and O'Reilly is DETERMINED that this last engagement WILL be canceled. On Friday (2/18/05) he enlisted the aid of Wisconsin's former Governor, Scott McCallum, who narrowly lost the last election to Democrat Jim Doyle, and both men implied that Doyle is going soft on Churchill because he's in bed with the Indian gaming interests.

O'Reilly: Right now, the only college that has not canceled radical professor Ward Churchill as a speaker is the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Churchill is set to speak there March 1st. He will be paid $4,000. Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has been ‘strangely silent' about the entire situation and some believe it's because he's indebted to some Native Americans in Wisconsin. You may know, Churchill flies under the Native American banner. Joining us now from Madison is the former Governor of Wisconsin Scott McCallum, who was narrowly defeated by Doyle last November. You know, Owens, the Governor of Colorado, is all over this. And I know he's a Republican conservative, Owens, and doesn't like the politics that Churchill puts out. But, Doyle, I mean, we musta called this guy 20 times. He's just not gonna say a word. I'm not getting it. Are you?

McCALLUM: No. It's embarrassing to the state of Wisconsin. This is representative. We've seen not only Bill Owens, who is doin' a very fine job in Colorado speaking out, we've seen in New York Hamilton College, where they are not having this person speak. So, it's embarrassing to the state of Wisconsin to have this type of conversation going on. There are a number of reasons he may - uh - uh - far be it me [sic] to delve into his thinking. It may be - I was there at 9/11. I was Governor during 9/11. And maybe Gov. Doyle doesn't understand the depth of feeling in the country towards terrorism and what is going on. Maybe there are other reasons.

O'Reilly: Alright, Now, our investigation shows that the reason that Churchill was invited to Wisconsin-Whitewater to begin with was because they wanted him to talk on Native American issues and then in the campaign that you waged against Doyle, Doyle too a lot of money from Native American casino interests. Is that correct?

McCALLUM: Well, that is correct. Took a lot. And it came right down towards the end what was gonna happen. But the big money in campaigns in Wisconsin - and I suspect [it] is occurring in many states throughout the country - we used to think it was the teachers' union - but there's a tremendous amount of money in gaming and they've become major players in Wisconsin politics.

O'Reilly: Well, I mean, I'm trying to make a linkage there, that Doyle's not gonna say anything because he doesn't want to tee off Native Americans who put him into office by all the money. Is that beyond belief? Am I crazy here or what?

McCALLUM: There are - Doyle did receive a great deal of money from the tribes and it came in right at the end. Based on compacts and discussions of compacts, I had compacts agreed to, but not signed, and was told in a meeting that there was a lot of money involved if I would just allow the compacts to be in perpetuity and reduce the take for the state of Wisconsin.

O'Reilly: Alright. So they came to you as well?

McCALLUM: That's correct.

O'Reilly: And you wouldn't make the deal but apparently Doyle did make the deal. Now ...

McCALLUM: Well, uh, it's ....

O'Reilly: You know, this guy Doyle. You ran against him. You debated him. And - is he a not [sic] - is he a shy guy? I mean, is this something he wouldn't pay attentions to, the Churchill thing?

McCALLUM: Well, Bill, I don't think you're gonna find many shy people that are in the political business. Of course not. He knows what is going on and unfortunately, he won't respond to you. The important thing is ...

O'Reilly: Well, he won't respond to anybody will he? Have you seen him talk to the Milwaukee paper or the Madison paper. Has be been on the record about this Churchill thing anywhere?

McCALLUM: I haven't seen anything. It's beyond me, because ....

O'Reilly (overtalking last 6 words): Exactly. I mean, he won't say a word.

McCALLUM: This is the state of Wisconsin. It is very important to our reputation what we are trying to project and yet our governor is silent.

O'Reilly: What about the folks of Wisconsin? It's a very closely divided state between Democrats and Republicans. It went for Kerry, but by a very small margin. How do they see this guy Churchill? I mean, are they happy he's coming to the University?

McCALLUM: Well, you're right. It did go for Kerry on a very small margin, but let me say, I've written some articles as a senior fellow. I think there can be some disagreement as to whether Kerry really won Wisconsin or not. But the state is split. You've got the traditional left that are saying ‘Let the guy go on. this is, this is fine.' I think you've got most hard-working Wisconsinites - because what this fellow has said really is not just an attack on those who were in the Twin Towers, it's an attack on working Americans. And we've got to ...

O'Reilly: Yeah. I mean anybody who ...

McCALLUM: .... a hard-working blue-collar class in the state of Wisconsin.

O'Reilly: Well, it isn't a blue collar he's [Churchill's] after. It's anybody who sells insurance or who sells bonds or stocks and they're little nazis and that's what he says. Well, look, if you see Doyle around, tell him I'd like to know what he thinks.

McCALLUM: He hasn't been calling and asking for my advice.

O'Reilly: It's ridiculous. It's a huge story and we'll continue to follow it. And ya' know Churchill's supposed to show up March 1st. Governor, thanks very much.

Later in the show O'Reilly covered Churchill again during his "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day" segment:

O'Reilly: One of the bad things about being a controversial guy - like me! - is that some people can't handle opposing points of view. Last night, we interviewed a professor at the University of Eastern Washington about why the Faculty Senate there wants to pay Ward Churchill to speak. ‘Freedom of Speech' was her answer. But, one professor at that college doesn't think that freedom applies to me.

AUDIOCLIP of voice of Prof. Doug Orr, PhD, Eastern Washington University, 2/14/05: "Terrorism is being incited by FOX News. They go on the air every single day and they say something has to be done about this, somebody should really do something about this. [Tape splice.] Bill O'Reilly should be arrested and put in jail for inciting terrorism." [End of audioclip.]

O'Reilly: Of course, we asked that pinhead to come on the show (chuckles) He wouldn't! I should be put in jail?!!!? Now would you visit, if that happened? Would you visit? Could be ridiculous.


Once again, we ask our readers - especially those from Wisconsin - to click on the links below and contact the Wisconsin Governor's Office as well as the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater and reiterate your support for Mr. Churchill's right to speak and the Native American students' right to pay him to speak.

O'Reilly's latched onto this and it's become an obsession with him, almost as if he's going to prove his manhood by wiping the floor with Ward Churchill. However, he has yet to go one-on-one with Churchill. Guess he only picks on men who are smaller than he is. Churchill's pretty impressive physically and is clearly a man used to taking care of himself. So, while you're writing e-mails, why not let Bill know you'd like him to go mana a mano with Churchill on The Factor?! !

Contact page for Governor Jim Doyle

Contact UW-Whitewater Chancellor Jack Miller
Phone: 262-472-1918
E-mail: [email protected]

Link to [email protected]

For more on this story see my original post O'Reilly Continues Jihad - This Time It's the University of Wisconsin

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