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Hannity Can't Defend Budget Cuts

Reported by Deborah - February 7, 2005

It sure was a sight tonight watching Dick Morris and Hannity try to make the Bush cuts to 150 social programs sound perfectly sensible and admirable. Dick Morris even tried to make the Bush deficit look like no big deal compared to Bill Clinton's. However, they both know that the only way to handle the ugly truth is to ignore it by changing the subject.

Here's the Associated Press report report about the Bush cuts planned for 2006

Forty-eight education programs would be eliminated, including one for ridding drugs from schools. In all, more than 150 government-wide programs would be eliminated or slashed deeply, including Amtrak subsidies, oil and gas research, and grants to communities hiring police officers.

Bush would slow the growth of benefit programs by $137 billion over the next decade, nearly quadruple the savings he proposed a year ago with little success. Chief among the targets would be Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the poor and disabled, but farmers' payments, student loans and veterans medical services were also on the chopping block.

When Colmes asked Morris what would happen to the veterans or farmers hurt by these cuts, Morris had a very difficult time answering the question directly.Morris claimed that Bush "did the important thing" when he increased death benefits for Veterans adding that if he needs to "ratchet back other (vet benefits), it's going to make some sense." Morris didn't even mention the farmers because he knew he was in trouble at this point so he started the favorite whine, " We're at war. Any one who complains..we're at war."

Morris also tried to spin the deficit size claimimg that 400 billion in an 11 trillion dollar economy is not big deal adding that Bill Clinton was worried about a 400 billion deficit because his economy was only 7 trillion. Colmes confronted Morris about the the budget inaccuracy because the military funds needed for Iraq and Afganistan were not included. Morris slipped by that one.

When Hannity was up it quickly became obvious that he was going to avoid the facts instead making Bush the Persecuted President
"Nothing George Bush can do is right in Ted Kennedy's world."
Then out came the old standby quotes showing various Democrats talking about SS reform implying that they want reform but would rather hate Bush.

Then Hannity quickly changed the subject to Hillary Clinton and the gossip slams started suggesting that she is faking her positions to get elected and wondering if she can fake well enough to get elected. Colmes got the last word with "She might even be sincere?" in an annoyed tone.

comment:Bush claims that the programs cut just aren't working well enough to fund. That didn't stop him from increasing Abstinance Education which has been proven ineffective increasing sex in teenagers. Also how can you say that the student loan programs or increased police on our streets aren't working. What about the Medicaid cuts and the housing help for the disabled. How will that impact the kids I teach, when they grow up and try for an independant life in a group home. How will the Special Ed cuts which he made impact my school, my students or my job security.Don't forget that forgotten problem, our environment. How much worse will it get with the new cuts.

The most horrendous move is a cut in Veteran Services. Our returning troops deserve a blank check to get on their feet and more and better services should be created for our military.It's great that death benefits were increased but how about the living vets who deserve the best.

I'm sorry, this budget is revolting and Hannity and Morris are morally bankrupt media puppets.

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